Hyundai's ambitions by this point are insane

With the reveal of the Ioniq 5, a whole new window of possibilities has opened.

Although Hyundai may not be such an interesting company at first sight, the reveal of its electric hatch Ioniq 5 might have just opened a new range of possibilities for the company, showcasing how far they are prepared to go in order to annihilate competition in the EV market.

Hyundai has stated that its new Ioniq 5 electric hatchback is the first car made by a major manufacturer to provide bi-directional charging, which basically allows it to power electric devices using the car's battery. The teaser to this announcement was first shown the day Ioniq was revealed on February 23rd, when a video was posted to the HyndaiWorldwide channel showing the car being used to power a fridge, speakers and even a treadmill.

In an interview, Senior Vice President of Hyundai Heung Soo Kim stated, "We looked at the wider meaning of space that would include outdoor and daily activities that consumers can do with their cars. We are constantly looking into new features that will appeal to users."

This is incredible, because this bi-directional charging system allows the car to act as one massive charger which can power everything from phones basic household features such as fridges. It may be a system that lacks practicality, but just think of the possibilities that can be achieved from there.

What we have here, ladies and the future, for a minimal price of £45,000. It may not make a nuclear dent in Tesla's position in the EV market, but there is a large chance that it might, and will eventually lead to a whole new era for EVs.

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  • A car that can charge things... Breakthrough. Not.

      2 days ago