hyundai's electric dreams on sale

ioniq 5 door hatch comes in 3 flavours - All of them electric

4y ago

Now, I fully realise that here on Driven we talk electric cars more often than Mary Berry mentions her soggy bottom, but like the clocks going back an hour this weekend, the subject is very much of the here and now rather than a thing of the future and this week sees the launch of two more additions to what’s currently available with a 3 pin plug on the end. 

Out of the 2, it’s Hyundai who’ve stolen the show with the Ioniq - A 5 door 5 seat hatchback which comes in 3 flavours - Hybrid, Electric Only and from Spring next year there’ll be a Plugin Hybrid version. Sadly there's no Hydrogen version yet, but given they already sell a Hydrogen fuel cell ix35 SUV, that tech can't be far from finding its way into others cars in Hyundai's range. 

At a shade under £20k, the Hybrid version on sale right now undercuts Toyota's basic Prius by a whole £3,000 and has more standard kit and better fuel economy - What's more the Ioniq isn't unpretty to look at, unlike the recently launched all new Prius whose front end has all the charm of a gurner's squint. 

Meanwhile, the fully electric Ioniq gets a quoted range of 174 miles although it remains to be seen what this translates to in the real world - At just under £29,000 it gets Apple CarPlay, Xenon and LED lights, Adaptive Cruise Control, Wireless Phone Charging, an Infinity Hifi and TomTom Live Sat Nav amongst a list of extras longer than one of Hilary Clinton's dodgy emails.

The Hybrid and Electric Ioniqs have already arrived in Hyundai showrooms and are on sale now.

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