Hyundai's N range electrified by the newest addition-The RM20e

Based on the Veloster but makes 810 hp and 960 Nm of torque! These are supercar figures.

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Just how Ford has the Ford Performance division, Toyota has TRD and Gazoo racing subisdiaries, Hyundai started offering a feed of extreme and exhilarating performance with its N bandwidth of cars, not quite long ago. Over the years, we have beheld projects come to fruition such as the i30 N and the Veloster N with racing credentials that would offer enough to enlighten an enthusiast completely.

However, never has Hyundai been ambitious enough to take on some searing supercars until now and with its latest brainchild, the RM20e. Sounds like a computer code but it wouldn't take a great deal of effort to decipher this hieroglyph. The RM in the acronym stands for Racing Midship, 20 denotes that it is the 20th launch coming from the N team and e is there for.. you guessed it right, electric. To put it into a synopsis, it would be safe to say that this hooligan is the most lunatic offering with prowess that can put a modern supercar to shame.

The prototype is said to be fully street legal and emboldens Hyundai's spirit in racing. It was showcased at the Beijing Automotive Exhibition and is based on the brand's own electric race car, Veloster N eTCR and isn't illicit for the streets.

On the face of it, to the layman, this car will easily qualify as a modded or jagged up Veloster but that is also the point where discrepancies arise. For starters, the cars sits a lot lower to suit its purpose. The flared haunches are extended outwards for better agility. There are massive and frantic looking side skirts and splitters on the bumper. The most integral cosmetic inclusion is the bulky and humongous spoiler at the back for downforce. The RM20 and the sporty decals on the side make the car appear ominous.

While we have always spilled words of approbation for nimble and bantamweight hot hatches, they have never been able to churn out the colossal output of a sports car. Not the RM20e. It maybe just another hot hatch for you but with 810 hp and 960 Nm of torque at your disposal, it can shatter some entry-level supercars. A mere case of tomfoolery then? I beg to differ. Such is the thrust that nought to 60 mph comes in less than 3 seconds, beyond anybody's reckoning. It also goes to 124 mph (200 Km/h) in 9.88 seconds, another major breakthrough achieved. These cars are also required to be safe. Hence, the top speed has been impeded to just 155 mph (250 Km/h).

This might be the wannabe everyday supercar you will ever require as Hyundai puts it up,"racecar-like levels of performance, balance, braking, and grip while retaining daily-driver quietness, responsiveness, and road-going capability." Also significant is that the RM20e will serve as a testing bed for Hyundai to watchdog the development of the electrified RM platform with the help of Rimac, the ones behind the development of the groundbreaking C_two hypercar.

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