Hyundai's new van has a secret... it can drift

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Do you need a large vehicle to transport stuff as a part of your job? Do you still enjoy the thrill of powering sideways around roundabouts and local housing estates? Well, Hyundai finally has you covered.

Until now, builders with a passion for speed have had to own two separate vehicles, one for having fun on the weekend, and one for doing everyday chores. However, with the creation of the iMax N Drift bus, Hyundai has finally given this niche market what it has been missing.

Based on a regular iMax, the drift machine has been driven through Hyundai’s N Division parts shop with magnets stuck to it. First off, the rather dull 2.5-litre diesel engine has been swapped for a more potent twin-turbo, 3.5-litre V6. This means over 400hp and 550Nm of torque are being sent to the rear wheels to turn rubber into smoke.

The entire drivetrain has been reworked with an emphasis on sportiness as the engine is now connected to an eight-speed automatic transmission. That sends the power into a so-called “corner cutting” differential allowing the van to easily kick its tail out.

Along with the engine and gearbox, the iMax N also nicks the wheels, brakes and suspension setup from the Hyundai i30N hot hatchback. In true N division fashion, the van has been coated in Performance Blue with a few touches of orange to flaunt the additional aero parts.

In fact, the front end has been extended by a very aggressive splitter while the rear end has been adorned with a small diffuser and wing. The interior also has its fair share of elaborate ornaments with an N steering wheel similar to that of the i30N and sportier front seats.

As for the rest of the interior, not much has changed. The van will even comfortably seat eight people. If you have enough friends to fill those seats and are willing to be subjected to your enthusiastic driving, Hyundai says that will achieve a 50:50 weight distribution.

If the iMax N Drift Bus is something that interests you, I’m afraid this is a one-off project. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if Hyundai use what it has learnt from this build to create a less extreme version.

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  • Hold my beer.

    26 days ago
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  • Hoping the floor is easy wipe / no carpet, make it far easier for getting rid of the copious amounts of vomit at the end of the session. Looks fun!

    25 days ago
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