Hyundai's Soapbox, the perfect way to ravish time at home

At over 3 feet long, it is the perfect play for kids.

1y ago

The onset of the Coronavirus has led us to reconsider our plans. While the acrimonious situation seems to be settling down in some parts of the world, there are many still who have had to sit and work from their residences where the number of cases is soaring. The recent spike in countries of France and United Arab Emirates has left people in unhinged spirits.

To digress the people from constantly pondering about the atrocious virus and its aftermaths, Hyundai has come up with something that is based on its 45 Concept and can be built as a team at home. It is a Soapbox, a wheeled box of wood generally made by kids as their endearing attitude for moving objects commences during their tender age.

Measuring in at 1 metre (3.2 feet), it is likely that it would be bigger than the normal soapboxes we come across that can be easily described as vanilla placed next to it. The materials used are wood and metal rods with brackets and screws for fixing the panels tightly with each other. The most fascinating aspect is that it gets a joystick emulating as a steering wheel which reminds us of the F1 cars with switches studded on it. The wheels used have actually been taken from a wheelbarrow. Owing to the cavernous proportions, Hyundai claims that it can also carry adults. Which means, it is meant for all.

"In recent months, spending time together as a family has become more valuable to people. We wanted to create a fun project that would give families and friends an enjoyable project that brings them together," remarks Andreas Christoph-Hofmann, Vice President of Marketing & Product, Hyundai Motor Europe.

Hyundai has been making phenomenal progress not only in their mass-market car division, but even with its Genesis brand, in the luxury segment. Having already seen the Prophecy Concept and the 45 Concept, we can anticipate cars with pulchritudinal designs. However, nobody would have predicted something so innovative to combat the beleaguered times prevailing currently. Hyundai also says that finding components for the car isn't going to be an arduous task as they would be readily available at any supermarket or grocery store. If reaching out to them isn't the best idea, they can be ordered online. Such a move comes as a relief for the panic-stricken people who wouldn't mind engaging with their young ones to build something that can even transport them. Nice thought, Hyundai!

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Comments (2)

  • Seems really cool,but also expensive,lol.

      1 year ago
    • Toys coming out straight from these brand's dealerships are always way more expensive than a normal toy store. Sad but this is how it goes.

        1 year ago