I absolutely hate the Charger Hellcat Widebody.

Here's why.

37w ago


Now, all of you be aware of the original Dodge Charger. The rather iconic muscle car that has starred in various Fast and Furious movies has gained massive respect, and has turned into a massive icon in popular culture among us car enthusiasts.

Enter, about some 40 years later, the current Dodge Charger. Ah, the Dodge Charger. The most famous stereotypical American Police car to ever exist in our times. It was the absolute, if not dream sleeper for me. For that matter, I even think it's better than an Audi RS6 Avant or an E63, or whatever German fast saloons are out there. And I think it's even more discreet than an Audi S8, which for me, is the benchmark of a discreet sleeper car.

Now that I've set the context, back to the Hellcat. The Hellcat, first released around 2014 - 15 has developed a reputation for being the way too powerful, extremely fast "American M5" that we all wanted. It had just the right amount of muscle and aggression, and yet it was such a sleeper. It was a really discreet car, with SRT badges being there only if necessary (Unlike your M5s and S63s), and to me, it just was the epitome of being a sleeper. It's the kind of car you can go to the grocery store in and get all your shopping done in (People won't notice anyway because it's "just a Charger"), and then scare the living hell out of yourself and your family, because in the end, it's a four - door 707 HP rocketship.

To me, adding a widebody has just ruined the "sleeper" / "American M5" appeal of the Hellcat, but then again, it does come with more power and better suspension tuning for faster laps on the track.

Personally, I feel sad to see the non - widebody Hellcat go (Dodge is only selling the Hellcat as a widebody from 2020 onwards) as it was the one car that fulfilled the request by us sent to the car gods for an "American M5". But then, I have to welcome these changes, being a lover of the Hellcat anyway.

Here's to more amazing performance cars from Dodge!

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Comments (6)

  • Hate is a strong word, it’s a pretty sweet car. A lot of people dream of owning one.

      8 months ago
    • And you're right. You see, I love the Charger Hellcat. But not the Widebody version.

        8 months ago
  • I like it more than widebody challenger. At least it has some traction now. 275 tires just not enough for 707hp

      8 months ago
  • While it looks really cool, it lost its tasteful, sleeper look which I loved.

      8 months ago
    • Dude,the Charger never is a sleeper.With that front face,everyone will think that your car will have at least 400hp.I personally think the wide body vision is supercool

        1 month ago