- Everyone like cars with a bit of personality, so don't take your vehicle too seriously. Photo by David Ahumada

I actually enjoy car decorations

Show the car's fun personality, not by doing donuts, but by adding cheesy decorations.

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I added fangs to my ND2 Miata because that's what Miata owners have done in the past. I'm completely following a crowd of people, but it's fine because I actually enjoy the act of doing it.

Car companies are too afraid of having fun these days. They're too serious about brand image and ruining a reputation of a perfectly good car by adding some personality to them. This is why all cars have similar designs and only come in three colors. Hell, I feel like some people reading this would avoid the Miata now because of this post.

I like when cars are funny. The owner personifies a vehicle when adding human characteristics to them. A lot of us try to personify vehicles with words, just do the real thing and add teeth. I'm not saying that I enjoy absolute meme machines, but what I am saying is have some seasonal fun.

People are putting flags in trucks to promote the U.S., or whatever. It doesn't turn off people from buying trucks, nor does it upset the manufacturers producing trucks. If a brand is embracing people who are completely out of touch with society's progression, why doesn't that idea scare away buyers? But fangs on a Miata will make people wince and avoid them, I don't understand.

Some decorations represent regressive ideology. Some are just to get into the spirit of the holidays. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Some decorations represent regressive ideology. Some are just to get into the spirit of the holidays. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Cars, for most enthusiasts, are an extension of their personality. It's something most of us pick, value, and cherish. Whether that's through modifications, our driving, or what we choose to put on the exterior of our cars, they do represent us. Cars should make fart noises for the horn, like in Teslas. At the end of the day, the superficial things are what leave impressions on people-- good, bad or indifferent. Personify your ride, pimp it, do what makes you happy.

Channel your inner Martha Stewart

I'll list down my steps to create fangs for a Miata.

Supplies: a ruler, a pencil or pen, something to cut the teeth with a long blade (adult supervision required for readers under 18), materials for the fangs (photo paper, plastic bin lids, or good ol' car board), and an adhesive to stick them (I used painter's tape/ blue tape, some Reddit users used zip ties).

1. Measure the length of the bumper cover of the grill. All grills are different, so measure accordingly. It's also entirely up to the person doing the arts and crafts to determine how much tooth they want, so take measurements until you're content.

2. Take the ruler and measure out the length. I went for three inch fangs on my photo paper. I figured it'd be water resistant enough in dry San Diego, but I was completely wrong. I made triangles, but some people got creative and made a full set of teeth.

3. Cut the fangs as straight as possible. A pair of scissors with long blades or a precise cutting machine will assist in getting all of the lines straight. Do as I say, not as I do.

4. Apply adhesive tape or use zip ties to secure down the teeth. Caveat: wash your car, or at least the bumper before sticking on painter's tape. Don't ruin the finish. Before applying to the vehicle guide and line up the teeth on the bumper before completely sticking them down.

5. Apply them, adjust them, and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Drive around town like an idiot. Let everyone see your work and cherish it.

Your car can be fun in many ways, but this creates a special bond. An emotional attachment that everyone in your life will never forget. This might even become an annual thing that people look forward to, but just have fun.

I'll be back in December to write about DIY antlers. Until then, Happy Halloween, DT!

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Comments (25)

  • I just hate the ones that have eye-lashes on them 😆

      1 month ago
  • ok the fangs are actually really cute ngl

      1 month ago
  • I see nothing wrong with decorating your car for halloween. Seems quite fun!

      1 month ago
  • SOME look good. Like ngl, putting white triangles on the Mazda is genius, and made me laugh.

      1 month ago
    • It’s totally simple, really stupid, but it worked! Lmao, thank you and I’m glad to make you laugh.

        1 month ago
  • I think in many cases it can look tacky but I actually quite like your fangs. I personally wouldn’t do it but I think in some cases it looks really fun and cool

      1 month ago