I am sick of every sedan benchmarking sports cars. Benchmark a Rolls Royce.

Every time I read anything about a sedan, I am greeted by PR nonsense about how sporty the car is, or how well it handles....for a sedan....

For what seems like forever, sedans have migrated further and further to the sport side of the spectrum. Some quote crazy lap times, or cornering Gs or 0-60 sprint times. I get that there is a market for such a vehicle. A family that desires an all around car that not only fits all the things, but also is fun to drive. I'm not saying that as a whole the segment makes no sense, what I am claiming is that in the endless hunt for performance automakers might be missing a whole other segment.

Where did all the conformable cars go? Something focused on be an insulated and soft ride? A car that benchmarks a Rolls Royce, and does not take inspiration from a Ferrari race car.

Cadillac is no longer the gold standard of "land yachts" for the masses. I think they use the term "BMW Like" more in their press material then any specific GM details.

Lexus has been the staple of the unsporting car for a while now, but there are some worrying writing on the wall. There is an F Sport option on the LS.

I am not looking for this car to be cheap. If the market can support $80-100k sports sedans, why can it not support pure luxury at the same price point?

Am I alone?

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      2 months ago
    • I want the Road and Track article to talk about how they thought the door handles were going to touch the ground in the figure 8 test....lol

        2 months ago
  • Journalists over-praising sedans for their sportiness make automakers believe comfort isn’t as important. It’s part of the reason many people buy SUVs, comfort without the emphasis on handling and speed. It’s why I have a Lexus for a daily comfortable driver and an MX5 for fun.

      2 months ago
  • May was right! Ride matters!

      2 months ago
  • The problem is that they are selling the appearance of sportiness and not actual enthusiast credentials. It is merely a cynical act of marketing to get idiots into their cars. There is no sense that goes into modern car buying. Just wish fulfillment and ego-stroking. I hate it as well.

      2 months ago
    • But I feel like with luxury buyers can actually get closer to the goal. A run of the mill 3 series is NOT a sports car, but has all the down sides of one.

      BUT with modern air suspension, controls, sound isolation materials and new tech...

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        2 months ago