I became leader of this tribe, so I bought an Apple Watch

And I'm very happy with it but it's a BIG fail...here's why

33w ago

Okay, this is a little click-baitey but I was recently made leader of this official DriveTribe tribe 'Tech Tribe', so I decided to buy a new smartwatch in honour of this, so there is some truth to it.

I have had a Series 2 Apple Watch for the last 4 years now and finally decided it was time for an upgrade. Not because is was unusable, but because I knew it was about to become obsolete as the series 2 will no longer support future updates and I am a sucker for a good old Apple update.

So, I searched around and even thought about getting the dreaded Fitbit, but alas I settled on another Apple product. Originally, I looked at the series 5 but came to the conclusion that it was simply too expensive. I wasn’t going to fork out another £499 on something I didn’t really need.

So I looked around and came across Apple's Certified Refurbished page where there was a Series 4 Nike edition Apple Watch for significantly less than a series 5. So without further ado, I ordered it, sold my series 2 on Facebook and waited a day until my new shiny watch would arrive.

Now, I have no previous experience with Apple's Certified Refurbished page but I will definitely be returning in the near future. It’s full of great deals on products which are effectively brand new set at a significantly lower price. I had also never owned a Nike one which is cool, even though the only difference is some other Nike branded watch faces, a strap with holes in it and a Nike tick on the watch case itself.

So, once I’d set it up I got to using it, the first thing I noticed was the significantly larger screen which is 2mm larger than my previous watch which is a big bonus. And with this lager screen comes more watch faces which look amazing on this watch.

Aside from the size different, there is a noticeable speed difference too. It doesn’t lag as much as my old watch and everything seems so seamless thanks to that A12 chip. I haven’t noticed any difference in battery life but that was never an issue with my old one.

Apart from that, there isn’t much else I can comment on expect one horrible, horrible flaw in my plan...

Old vs new (and my chubby arm)

Old vs new (and my chubby arm)

Only yesterday did Apple announce the perfect watch for me. This is the Apple Watch SE and it is a Series 6 inside of a Series 4 body which is exactly what I’m after and it is cheaper and it will be upgraded for longer.

While I am gutted, I don’t really mind, as when the time comes I’ll just upgrade again, like the little Apple sheep I am.

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Comments (6)

  • I bought an Apple Watch - was it a mistake? @tribe

      7 months ago
  • That was not the official agreement.

      7 months ago
  • Becoming a leader should be a good thing for you, why hurting yourself with an apple watch? Then what's next? Buying a Tesla?

      7 months ago
  • Do these really serve a necessary function? I live just fine without one. Don't even wear my Bulova. I prefer jewelry free. That doesn't mean these aren't great. I just don't see it as a necessary item - as I type away on my Mac Book Pro while my iPhone sits to my left...

      7 months ago