I bet you didn't know Audi almost brought back the A2 as an EV in 2011

I can't be the only excited one?

21w ago

The original Audi A2 came out back in 1999 and was produced until 2005 and since then has been looked down upon as being a hideous little German family car with exceptionally good mpg. Well, Audi almost brought it back in 2011 as an EV but it never made it past the concept stage.

I bet this is something you didn't know. Perhaps because you don't care all that much for concept cars or early EVs or maybe because you saw it was an A2 succesor and vomited. I don't care how you saw it, this would have been an amazing car and it would have put the Tesla Model S and Model 3 to shame.

The Audi A2 concept car promised plenty of room for four people despite it being just 3.80 metres in length (as well as being 1.69 metres wide and 1.49 metres high). This early-adopted EV also promised to have a 'powerful electric drive system for strong performance and long range' which is what everyone says, I know but look where Audi are now with EV technology.

On top of this, the Audi A2 concept was going to have some pretty clever features too. These included a dark glass roof which would switch to being transparent at the touch of a button. It was also set to come with Audi's next phase in LED technology, known as matrix beam.

This is a package of LEDs and microreflectors which generate a high-resolution and non-glaring high-beam light. They also include delicate daytime running light fibres connected to highly efficient LED low-beam light module. It would also feature intelligent tail lights which would adapt their illumination to the visibility conditions.

In terms of interior tech, the A2 concept was due to have several features controlled via touch-controls on the inside of the steering wheel. It also had two additional control surfaces which would fold up at the driver’s right when the car was started. It was also going to have a seven-inch display and two secondary displays which was quite advanced for that time, nine years ago.

In fact, this concept made its debut appearance at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show but that's as far as it ever got. After that, everyone went back to normal which is sad. I would have loved to see a revival of the Audi A2, and to have it in EV form would be amazing. However, there is still hope...

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Comments (29)

  • Thank the goddess of beauty they did not.

      4 months ago
  • I didn't like the original, but damn shame this one haven't seen the daylight

      4 months ago
  • I loved the original and bought one. I’ve had lots of fantastic cars thereafter however really wish I didn’t sell my first A2. I loved it so much that I’ve gone and bought another recently. They are truly brilliant cars and the haters out there can carry on buying their mundane polos et al and I’m fine with that. If every loved them they wouldn’t have the cult following they have right now.

      4 months ago
  • They SHOULD have done it because it looks great 👍

      4 months ago
  • Very interesting article, you can see a lot of modern Audi styling in this concept

      4 months ago