I bought a cheap 4X4 from Facebook - is it any good?

11w ago

I've bought this cheap Suzuki Vitara for my next project with a plan to turn it into my ideal mini 4x4, hopefully all for under $5000. The car itself has set me back $2700 already, but comes pretty well equipped with a set of all-terrain tyres, roof tray, storage rack and a seemingly solid drivetrain underneath.

At $2700, it definitely isn't dirt cheap for a 25 year old car, but with a pretty inflated secondhand 4x4 market here in Australia it's about as good as it gets for the price. That doesn't mean it's without its issues though - in this video, I start making a dent in the list of things needing work to get it on the road, and more importantly, offroad.

So far, I’ve discovered a few leaks, missing bolts and rough edges. The snorkel doesn’t connect to anything, and the roof tray was held on with hose clamps when I brought it home. But if it was perfect, it wouldn’t be a project. Watch the start of my Budget Mini 4X4 Project series below!

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