- M​y Louis Lejeune labrador hood ornament

I​ Bought A Louis Lejeune Hood Ornament

M​ade in a small foundry in England, these hood ornaments have heft, royal heritage, and are just a fun addition to your car or desk...

2w ago

I​ can hear James May now: STANDARD! Well, I normally would tend to agree, however I have always been fascinated by these hood ornaments, so will let this one tasteful accessory to a car be allowed. Louis Lejeune, the maker, is a small bronze foundry that was established in 1910 in England. They make all sorts of animal figurines, from small statues to hood ornaments. These figures consist of a wide range of different species, from Saint George slaying the dragon to my labrador you see above.

I​ bought my labrador off of ebay for around $50 US, however most of these figurines if you are to order direct will cost upwards of $400. This, I know, is not a small sum of money, but the figures are of tremendous quality, weigh about 5 pounds (seriously- they are heavy), and add a fun and unique element to ones desk or car. The Royal Family has fixed them to their cars for years, and when one day I buy a L322 Range Rover or Defender, I will most certainly transition mine onto its hood. However for now, it is a nice addition to my little bookshelf of trinkets.

I​ am not usually a trinket loving type of guy as I prefer to be a bit more minimalist in that regard, however things of quality and heritage I am a sucker for, so I am extremely pleased to have acquired this little statue. Whenever I affix it to a car, you all will be the first to know. Thanks for reading!

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  • Wonderful,a dainty interesting thing

      20 days ago
    • Thanks! They’re interesting little things- great history and just a fun thing to own since you can choose one personal to oneself

        20 days ago
  • Pretty cool Max

      20 days ago