I bought a VW R32 on Cars & Bids today

    Replacing my Mazdaspeed 6

    1w ago


    I've been getting bored with my Mazdaspeed 6, so I've been looking for a replacement car. I was considering everything from a Volvo V70R to a BMW 330ci, but then I remembered my very first autocross ridealong back in 2012, which happened to be in an R32 with a talented driver. That run certainly made an impression on me!

    With only 5,000 sold in the US originally, there weren't too many to choose from on the market. Until this very nice example came up for auction on Cars & Bids, that is! The bidding heated up in the last hour, and I ended up snagging the winning bid at the absolute limit of my budget lol. I'll be picking the car up in Vegas and driving it back to Colorado at the end of the month.

    Anyone have recommendations on some sweet lightweight gold wheels I can run in the summer?

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