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I bought a watch that, for all intents and purposes, does not seem to exist...

This sounds like the intro to a really cheesy horror flick, or an equally cheesy video game- except it really happened! I was browsing our national buy-and-sell website for nothing in particular when this watch caught my eye. The fluorescent green really popped off the screen, and I took a closer look. The brand name is Noctix, a brand I wasn't familiar with, and I still don't know anything more today than I did back then.

The asking price was right, so I impulsively bid the asking price- honestly, on average I spend more when I order Chinese takeout, so i didn't feel like further lowballing the already ridiculously low price. The deal was made quickly, and i decided to dive a little deeper into the brand. Here is where things got really interesting. I pretty much didn't manage to find any additional information on either the watch or the brand! This is what I found:

- No other watches of the brand were offered on the site I was on.
- No other watches of the brand were offered on eBay.
- The name doesn't come up on Chrono24.
- There are no watch reviews of this brand on YouTube.
- I could not find anything on any watch-related forums I checked.

Google came up with very few results, being:

- A link to an Australian website from a Facebook page. The website is no longer online.
- A link to an Instagram account that features the brand! The account only features 70 pictures of, mainly Asian looking, people who wear a watch of the brand. The most recent pictures seem to be from around 2015. On one of those 70 pictures, a man wears this model watch. On the other pictures, they show a lot of other models, colors and styles of watches.

And that's it! You now know everything I know about the brand and the watch. Noctix seems to have vanished into thin air. And that's remarkable, because the watch itself is rather well made. It certainly does not look like something that was put together in a shed.

The case seems to be made of stainless steel in a nice matte finish. The dial is black, but there is an intricate pattern of lines embossed or engraved in it. The fluorescent green hour markers look like they are on a lower layer of the dial and have been punched out of the black material. The crown is on the left side, as opposed to the right side on most watches. There is a rather bulky crown guard, made of anodized black metal, protecting the crown.

The strap, while made of nylon and not a NATO strap, is nicely finished. It features a stainless steel clasp with the brand name and two stainless steel loops that are sewn into the strap. The movement is an unnamed quartz movement, but it seems to work just fine. The case back is made of stainless steel in a shiny finish. It claims 50m water resistance, which seems about right for the type of pop-off cover. Furthermore, we find the Noctix name and logo as well as the words "Japan movement" on the back.

If you, fellow watch lovers, know anything about the brand Noctix, I would like to hear it. Have you ever heard of the brand? Have you ever seen the watch? Have you ever seen them on social media? I'm not on social media myself, so there may be information on there that isn't accessible to me. I would be happy to hear anything you may know!

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Comments (7)

  • I think this is it www.instagram.com/noctixwatches/?hl=en

      12 days ago
  • I would be a bit suspicious of that "japanese movement"

      12 days ago
  • Update! I managed to access Facebook (normally it wants me to sign in which I can't, but this time it didn't fit done reason) and found out that the company was launched in December 2012, and the last post is from September 2014. They weren't even around for two years, but managed to churn out a fair amount of models!

      9 days ago
  • One of the gazillions of small watch brands, mostly Chinese products, where you get to choose a logo to slap on the dial and have it dropshipped.

      12 days ago