I cleaned my car at the weekend, I didn’t bother posting photos as theres only so much times you can look at somebody’s clean car 😅 you’ve all seen the effort I put in to cleaning cars. Well today I had my three boys in the car after school and well it’s a mess after five hours with them more noticeably my middle son’s side 🤯 I’ve done some thinking as a quick solution no shoes in the car🧐 I wondered has anyone ever felt the need to hand passengers “shoe covers”
Would that be wrong of me to ask? Or could I pull off COVID precautions excuse.
At least for a week after cleaning the car.

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  • Transport your kids in a U Haul behind the car.

      4 days ago
    • Bloody hell what a genus 🤣🤣🤣 you nailed it…. I have a bike rack could I strap them to that?

        4 days ago
    • A bike rack would be better. You wouldn’t have to tow anything. Or if you had a ski rack for the roof, the kids could sleep.

        3 days ago
  • Oof! Sod’s law I suppose!

      4 days ago
  • Covid precautions

      4 days ago