I configured my dream M3: Here's the result!

Wait until you see the price!

33w ago

The new BMW M3 is a conflicting car. On one hand, it is probably the last version of a manual transmission, rear-wheel drive, internal combustion engine to ever be made before hybridization will be a must condition for a car like this to exist. On the other hand, its looks are polarizing, to say the least.

Weirdly enough though, I don't hate the thing. When I saw introduction videos on YouTube, I immediately though that the M3 is sort of all right. The M4 will probably needs more time, the rear reminds me of a Lexus RC and the C-pillar reminds me of a Nissan GTR, it is all a bit confused.

That being said, the M3 Competition in now available for configuration on BMW France website, so I had a go.

On the outside, I restrained myself from choosing the Isle-of-Man green as it is the launch color and would be a very obvious choice and went for 'Tansanitblau' (1'140€ option), which is a very nice dark blue color.

I also chose the forged 826M wheels (2'000€ option), in the lightest possible tone, and this is my only regret about the configurator, I wish there was a lighter tone available for this wheel design, silver wheels would look much nicer.

Other options for the exterior include: Black brake calipers (400€), Tinted windows (450€), BMW Laser lights (1'550€), Carbon exterior M-pack (4'750). I couldn't bring myself to tick the carbon ceramic brakes, because even if all that is hypothetical, I know I don't need them.

For the interior I went a bit more conservative, but the interior is the place where you spend most of the time, so I don't want it to look like a circus.

Inside, the options include: Extended leather interior in Black (2'000€), carbon fiber trim (1'300€), heated steering wheel, front and rear seats (700€ total), M stitching on the seat belts (310€), HUD (430€), Harman Kardon sound system (700€) and of course the M bucket seats finished in carbon fiber (3'850€).

And now, the worst part, the price. The car starts around 102'000€ (yeah, that's a lot). My configuration brought it to 122'329,99€ including VAT, and then you have to stomach the registration fees that can be hefty in some countries.

Anyways, even if I had the money I wouldn't pull the trigger, I'm still waiting the manual version.

How about you? What would you had or remove from my specification?

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