I Decided To Render My Own Car and Compete with Joe Boater's Trekk Auto

I hopped in to try this , but I have no rendering experience.

8w ago

This morning , I woke up and immediately opened Drivetribe, I saw Joe Boater's post titled- "Here's Why You Should Invest in Trekk Automotive" .

I immediately was inspired- and I needed to get my car out. I had thought of my own car brand long ago, but this is the first refined effort I put into it.

Talking about effort- there is rather less effort, I still haven't thought of a good name, so as for now it is called Jonathan Motors.

The Jonathan Motors Concept Cars

Well there is only one whose render has been made- but there are a whole lotta concepts I have planned, their renders will be out this week.

Currently , the only render I have is of the Jonathan Akula Estate, codenamed R4e/ P941e.

The Jonathan Akula Estate

The word 'Akula' means shark in Russian. It is also the name of a class of Russian Submarine. The Akula and Akula Estate shall come with either a 350 Horsepower Inline 6, or 4.2 Liter V8 producing 535 Horsepower. The engine will be turbocharged.

All Akula models come with a 6- speed manual standard, and can be equipped with a 7 speed Dual Clutch, with flappy paddles. The power is sent to the rear wheels only.

The Akula Models are excellent family cars with loads of room. It is supposed to compete with the BMW 3 series , Alfa Romeo Giulia , the Kia Stinger and the Trekk Dynasty ( The car designed by Joe Boater ). It is expected to cost $50,000 US.

The Akula RSP is the high performance version that is supposed to compete with the Giulia Quadrifoglio. It is expected to cost around $80,000.

All Jonathan Motors Cars will be made in its home country, India, and models for other continents will be made in Poland , Canada , China and Japan.

Other Concepts

Jonathan Motors is also planning on creating the Foxtrot, a hot hatch meant to compete with the BMW 1 series, VW Golf GTI and Civic Type R. The Foxtrot will get the 350HP I6 from the base variant Akula, in the higher end variants. The Foxtrot will be rear wheel drive and will have a manual transmission. The Foxtrot will aim to be more fun than it's competitors by having less assists and a better engine note. The Foxtrot's number 1 goal is handling.

It is expected to cost $35,000.

Most units of the Foxtrot will be sold in Europe and Asia , where the demand for Hatches are high. It will still be sold in North America, but it will not be present in all dealerships.

It will not be sold in China.

The Jonathan Tango

The Tango is a small hot hatch, that is designed to compete with the GR Yaris. It is small, all wheel drive and is powered by a 1.4 liter 4-cylinder that is both Turbocharged and Supercharged. It will only be sold in Europe and Asia.

The Jonathan Dorufin

The Dorufin is a Kei car. It will be powered by a Honda / Kawasaki motorcycle engine, it will only be sold in Japan.

The Project 1041

The Project 1041 is a planned supercar. It is expected to be powered by a V12, and that is all I am gonna say about it!

So that a was a tour on the upcoming concepts!

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  • Hang on - 10x 0.2 = 2. That means someone else is identifying as me... Something fishy is going on here...

      1 month ago
  • I love it! I’ve tried to design my own cars before. One piece of advice I’d give you on the Akula is to make the 7 speed automatic standard too. As much as manuals are cool, most people want an automatic. (At least from what I’ve worked out in America.) Other than that, I’d say it’s great! Good job!

      1 month ago