I don’t care what you say, I love the BMW X6

I​’ve owned a BMW X6 for over two years now - here’s what I think of it!

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W​ritten by: Rahil Hashmi

And now the end is near, and so I face the final curtain - that’s how Frank Sinatra would describe the current stage of my relationship with my BMW X6. That’s right, the egg is due to leave the driveway soon.

Now, instead of trying to justify why I - or rather my mum - bought an X6 in the first place, I’m just going to tell you whether its original £72,000 price tag has been justified.

It doesn’t drive like a 2.5-tonne SUV

Despite its figure, the X6 does not handle like a boat on wheels. In fact, the opposite is true.

The variant I own is the M40d. It shares the same 3.0-litre twin-turbocharged I6 engine as the cheaper M30d except it produces 308hp, a more than healthy sum for a car of its size.

This makes the X6 an overtaking weapon on the motorway. Although it does take time, once you’ve built up the momentum, you are gone.

And it’s not just in the straights where the X6 shines. With its light steering and clever AWD system, the X6 almost handles like a sports car. Moreover, the suspension can be adapted to suit various different driving styles.

To summarise, the X6 is one of the only cars which offers a high-driving position and sports-car-like performance.

The interior quality is superior to that of a Range Rover or a Mercedes

Because the X6 shares the majority of its parts with the X5, the interior is virtually the same and this is in no way a bad thing.

There is leather absolutely everywhere - you actually have to Google where to find the plastic. The steering wheel is quite chunky like it is in other BMW models and the ambient lighting system makes the cabin a truly special place to be, especially at night.

Generally, Mercedes and Range Rover have to have better looking interiors and this is not an exception. However, with regards to quality, the X6 puts its rivals to shame.

Space is not as bad as people make it seem

One criticisms which the X6 has always faced is the apparent “lack of space” but after owning one for over two years, I can confirm that it has more space than any customer will ever need.

Although it may not be as roomy as the X5, it certainly isn't cramped. There’s ample legroom for the rear passengers and - despite its sloping roofline - taller passengers won’t really struggle for headroom in the X6.

With 580 litres of boot space along with the option to flatten the rear seats, the X6 certainly can certainly cater for your grocery shopping… however if you need to feed a family of 7, you may find yourself struggling but if your family consists of 7, you probably won’t buy an X6 which perfectly sets us up for my next point.

The Range Rover Sport can be configured with 7 seats along with the BMW X5 whereas the X6 can only be configured with 5 seats. This does limit the practicality but the thing is, well, just keep on reading.

It’s more for style, less for purpose

An acquired taste - that’s what most people say about the X6 because you either love or hate the thing.

For some, the style aspect you get with the X6 may outweigh the importance of practicality because they may not require so much space. My household consists of three people: myself, my mother and my grandmother so there really isn’t a reason to have the amount of space you get in the X5.

The X6 is something unique - you buy it because you want something different

What’s the best way to standout? The simple answer would be to drive a Pagani Zonda. The thing is, not everyone has the cash to buy a Zonda - myself included - so what you need to do is get something different to what other people are getting.

When you’re behind the wheel of the X6, you can rest assured that you’ll only run into a few other people with the same car as you - this is something you won’t get with the X5 or the Range Rover Sport.

But was it a wise purchase? Well, yes.

My BMW X6 M40d had an original value of £72,000. Before we bought the car new back in 2018, we were certain we wanted an X6 although when we saw the pricetag, originally, we started looking for other options.

It was not until we got to drive and test the car ourselves that we changed our mind. In fact, we were so impressed with the car after testing it that we bought the car 32 minutes later.

I don’t think it’s really fair to use our purchase as an example seen as at the time, we had a £5,000 A-Class as - when we first bought it - it was the only car we could afford. What I’m trying to say is that most cars would have seemed amazing purely because of how big a leap it was. Furthermore, the X6 was the only car we had actually tested at the time.

But since then, I’ve had the chance to experience other SUVs such as the Mercedes GLC and GLE, Range Rover Sport, and the Porsche Macan and Cayenne.

I can confidently say that the X6 delivers the best and most unique driving experience so when you take that into account, it certainly was a wise purchase.

It is not the best car for everyone

As previously mentioned, the X6 does choose style over purpose; it sacrifices practicality and for many buyers, this may be a huge issue. For this reason, the X5 would be a better option. In addition to this, not everyone is a fan of the X6’s looks and so a more toned down X5 would be the car to buy.

But, for me, buying the X6 is easily one of the best decisions I have ever made… well my mum but whatever.

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Comments (42)

  • I’m sorry but I can’t get past the looks of the thing. It’s a car on steroids 😂😂

      7 days ago
  • My only problem with it is the fact that it's trying to be something it's not.

      7 days ago
  • The only thing I like about the X6 is that it looks slightly less stupid than the X4

      7 days ago
  • 72000 is good value??? It will never be sporty so I don't understand why it tries. The "coupe" roofline is ugly and impractical and it isn't like it is trying to be efficient so you can't use the better aerodynamics argument. I honestly don't see the point, but we probably just look for very different things in cars. A very interesting article anyway

      6 days ago
    • Honestly if you're going to get a car of this sort, then I can only really see the Range Rover Velar as a real choice. The rest of the "style" focused SUV market is just about the least stylish thing there is. (BMW X6 and X4, Porsche Cayenne Coupe,...

      Read more
        6 days ago
    • I hate the Velar, to me if you want an SUV, a defender or a Vogue (I think that's its name) are the best options but both are ridiculous. I agree, the word coupe has lots it's meaning

        6 days ago
  • Glad you and your mum like it, but for 72 squids, I'd personally be looking far elsewhere. Even for an SUV.

      7 days ago
    • To think you could get a brand new Porsche 718 for that kind of money...

        5 days ago