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Now you guys might be thinking why do I want this boxy-van made by Suzuki. But, Omni isn't just another boring van. Thanks to Bollywood, it became the official kidnapping car.

I always thought owning one of these made you a bad guy. In fact, I thought my van driver would kidnap me anytime cause he used to drive one of these. Maruti Omni, till date, remains the most kidnapping friendly vehicle in India.

Anyways, lets talk about features. It has..... nothing. It has no music system, no A/C, no navigation, no airbags, no USB cable.. nothing! But it still is a cool vehicle.

problem with the picture... well, you can atleast see the center dashboard

problem with the picture... well, you can atleast see the center dashboard

This vehicle has a 4 speed manual transmission petrol and LPG 796cc engine. And guess where the engine is located. It is located.... Under the Drivers seat! yes! if there is a problem with the engine while you are kidnapping someone, you should take your whole seat out to check on it!

The Omni was one of the first high roof vans in India to perform varied roles like a people-mover, ambulance, courier-delivery vehicle etc. Now, 34 years on, it continues to be powered by a weak 35bhp petrol/CNG engine, has a four-speed gearbox and tiny wheels. It is a basic van that does practicality well but one that has no crash protection and is well past its prime.


I just wanted to write something quick, and this is what I came up with. hope you all liked it! Make sure to give this post a bump and share your opinions in the comments

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