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Start of a "Two Lane Blacktop" '55 Chevy 150 replica

To kill time & use up spare parts, I'm putting together the '55 Chevy hot rod that Dennis Wilson and James Taylor raced from Needles, CA to East Tennessee in "Two Lane Blacktop" from assorted '55 Gasser spare parts. Still need to strip it, JB SteelStik the hood in and make a basswood hood scoop to be blended in with hood fill (best way for me to get its obviously crude, homemade shape/style) & cut down a Racing Champions '55 grille. I may swap it to a HW '55 hardtop grille and frame, but I think I did a fair job of lowering it/cutting out the gasser front rail. This will be a curbside model with no engine detail save for possibly the header pipes in the fender wells up front.

This will fill some of my time between my Mangusta, Lotus Europa S2 burn victim, BMW M1, 3rd-gen Camaro Berlinetta, '87 T-bird, "Swordfish" TVR, '79 TravelEze 5th wheel, etc. either pending delivery or drying, and all the Wunderbug's complications.

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Comments (2)

  • yooo! I have wanted to do one of these for a while! it shouldn't be too hard to do because it just needs to be painted in primer and make the bonnet scoop thing

      1 month ago
    • Just JB Welded on a '58 Plymouth bonnet that was filed down to fit, put a scoop on, and got it painted up in primer &lowered the rest of the way. Decided to leave it grilleless because it's a street racer

        1 month ago