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When it comes to Motoring Journalists, I am probably in the lower leagues (if there were leagues). That being said somehow I get to drive some amazing cars. Sometimes it’ll just be a taster session and other times I’ll get to spend a week or more in something lovely. Recently we had a DB11 on test. I wasn’t reviewing it but I got to spend some time with it.

The DB11 is only the second Aston Martin I’ve driven after the latest generation Vanquish. I was giddy like a school-boy when I drove that so when it was time to jump into the DB11, I was a little more subjective. Just.

It has to be cosseting and refined whilst still giving you that ‘fizz’

Yeah that was me

The DB11 is a odd car to look at. Not as achingly beautiful at first glance as the DB9 was when it was launched. The DB11 is more about the details. There are some glorious bits on the car and you can spend ages to walking around it, soaking it in. It does the modern Aston job well. It has the traditional Aston face whilst looking bang up to date. I’m not sure about the baby blue paint on this test car but it still looked stunning. Public reaction to it was great too.

Inside it is still very much an Aston. Stunning to look at and it feels so special. The materials Aston use are sublime and make it feel every bit of its asking price. Luckily this time around the technology and interfaces don’t spoil the party. It’s still not a slick as some but given Aston’s size, it’s more than good enough.

Onto the driving. The DB11 is the new GT in the Aston range. It has to be cosseting and refined whilst still giving you that ‘fizz’. Left in ‘GT’ mode, it does this very well. It isn’t shouty and the ride is perfect. I could easily imagine a jaunt to the South of France would be a walk in the park for the DB11. The new turbo’d V12 is still very Aston too. Maybe not as shouty as the old NA V12 but it still sounds good. You’ll need to pop it into sport mode to make it louder though. Which is a shame as I wasn’t as much of a fan of the sport mode.

In its most hardcore mode it feels a touch at odds with itself. There is no denying it is a great chassis and ex-Lotus man Matt Becker has done a great job on making it fun. I think the issue is that it has too much power for a GT car. Now you’ll probably be reading this thinking I’m some kind of mentalist. More power is always better right? Wrong. In the right package it is but a 900 bhp Kia Picanto would be ridiculous right? It is less extreme here with the DB11 but I felt that a few less horses would have suited the package better. Luckily Aston have this covered as they will be launching V8 version at some point.

Other than that minor complaint, the DB11 is beautiful, sublime and special. Just what an Aston should be.

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