- Finally, a Peugeot with looks I can get on with..

I drove the Peugeot 5008 and absolutely adored it, here's why..

46w ago


The 5008, a somewhat flagship for Peugeot. See, unlike some previous bigger vehicles they've made, this one is actually really really good. Whilst still extremely bold in design and with more electronics than you can shake a stick at, have Peugeot finally made one which won't plague owners with gremlins throughout ownership and into later owners?

The back is striking, and a bit marmite. It looks superb in places, however not so superb in others..

Prices start at around £26,000 for the 5008, for that you get a practical 7 seater family car with good amounts of technology and copious amounts of space. However, if you really want to show off at the school gates - you'll be paying more like £38,000 for a GT Line 2.0 diesel. I hear you, OVER TEN THOUSAND POUNDS MORE?! Yep, it's an obscene figure but it's totally justified by what you get.

Outside you get plenty of extra in the 'looks' department. Diamond cut alloys, GT badging throughout, chrome wing mirror covers and.. just a more 'GT' look. That's about it. Don't worry, put a standard spec 5008 and a GT Line next to each other and it's obvious who spent more. The GT has a very sporty look (for a crossover family car, that is), but still it's not worthy of over £10k more based on just that..

A versatile and comfortable thing, the 5008 can go almost anywhere

The engine is extremely good. Punchy, responsive, economical and not expensive to tax. You can easily turn around 35mpg around town, get on the motorway and you're looking at between 45mpg-57mpg (depending on how heavy your foot is). Considering the size of the vehicle, the drive is surprisingly engaging. Select 'sport' mode and you'll get a stiffer steering feel and some synthesised noise pumped in through the speakers.

Amazingly you can drive the 5008 in a chuck about fashion because it'll just take it, backroads are suddenly fun and the visibility and lock in the city is absolutely superb.

Inside is comfortable for anyone..

Step inside and you finally find out where you extra over £10k has gone, it becomes worth while. Leather, craftsmanship, design, comfort and a host of other bits await you as you step in. When I drove the 308GTi a while ago, I didn't like the lower instrument cluster - but in the 5008 it works and it makes perfect sense. The infotainment is easy to navigate, quick to use and gives you bundles of settings to adapt to make your car personal to you.

It's got a Focal hi-fi system which is sharp, punchy, dynamic and powerful - everything you could ever want for in-car-audio. Scented air (a new feature to me) ensures the car smells of whatever you want it to smell of through the air vents - as a press car, that's an essential feature to hold back the smell of previous stinky journalists.

This is one of many give aways that you're driving at GT..

The rear seats are all independently adjustable with insane legroom, the passengers can also admire the gigantic panoramic sunroof too. Simply put, the kids will be not only distracted but also too far from their sibling to start a fight.

The boot is a black hole of luggage capacity. Passing my gig test without fail, I then attempted it with all 7 seats up.. and it still did it. Obviously paying extra for the car gets you some cool tech at the back too, hands free access - just wave your foot and you're away.

Almost as if camouflaged, the 5008 blends in to nature..

Finally, the tech that you get in a small nutshell: keyless entry and start, blind spot monitor, lane assist, radar cruise, forward collision assist, sort of autonomous driving capabilities, heads up display, headlights bright enough to awaken the dead, self park, surround view camera and much much more. Basically, not only is the interior much nicer than the standard spec, but as standard on the GT you get bundles and bundles of extras to justify the cost.

To summarise?

This is not only a good car for Peugeot, but a good car no matter the badge. The 5008 has entirely changed my perception of Peugeot as a whole, as this was a luxurious wafting machine which didn't cost the earth to buy, insure or run. If you stuck an Audi badge on the front of it, sure there might have been less plastics - but you'd have paid more money.. even for a 2.0 TDI.

While it's an expensive initial purchase, I think an owner would love it every single day. It looks great, goes well and is comfortable.. what else do you need?

What do you think? Leave a comment, and maybe have a watch too? :)

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