- This is not my salesman, nor am I a middle-aged man with a blonde wife. Interesting where her hand is goin' isn't it? I guess she really wanted that car.

I Finally Met A Good Car Salesman

It took a while but I finally found the white whale of car salesmen

3y ago

You always hear horror stories about the "cheesy salesman" who is just trying to trick you into spending the absolute money most accompanied by the worst finance plan imaginable. Sadly, I can tell you those people really do exist. Not only do they exist but car dealerships are filled with them. They can spot you like vultures from the time you pull in the lot. Those of us who are very interested in cars can immediately see through the facade. We are there to look at purchasing a car and that is strictly it. I don't understand why car salesmen just don't understand that. Well, I finally found one who did.

I had finally settled on the car I wanted to buy. I walked in the dealership and was quickly greeted by the receptionist. She called a salesman to come help me. After talking about what car I was interested in, he swiftly found it for me. The car was off the main lot so we had to drive. I was more than happy to jump in the Audi S3 for the ride to the lot. On the ride over we discussed our favorite cars and dealership experiences. By the time we arrived at the lot Antonio knew I was a car enthusiast. When we walked up to the car he did the perfect thing: He handed me the keys and let me do my thing. I got to look around the car, go for a test drive, and really get to know the car as a whole. He didn't try to throw all of the features and advantages of the car at me to make me want to buy it. I knew the car and I just wanted to make sure the car met my expectations. What some salesmen forget is that the buyer most likely will have done a plethora of research before actually venturing out to purchase a car. He let me explore the car on my own and that led me to realize that I didn't like it. With a quick discussion he helped me find the perfect car. Once again, he didn't try and sell it to me. He didn't care if I bought it, he just wanted to help me find the right car. If a car is good it will sell itself so it is the role of the salesman to connect the buyer with the right car. I can happily say Antonio did.

I want to say that I am not being paid to say this. Its just refreshing after many months of car shopping to finally find a great dealership with a great salesman. If you are ever looking for a new or used Audi, please visit Antonio Medina at Jim Ellis Audi in Atlanta.

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