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      Not too long ago, I heard of a "myth" of a stretch of road. A road said to exist almost everywhere. All you have to do is find it. The problem is, no one wants to find the road. And if you do, take care. For once you start on the road, you have to reach the end.

      I really didn't care too much about the story at first, as it all sounded way too far fetched. You find a road at night, it goes through a forest and then creepy things start happening. Blah blah blah, I thought. What nonsense...

      Oh, how wrong I was.

      So here's how my journey went, in a friend's SUV. So the tale says you must be alone, you must drive at night and you'll eventually find the road. I drive around my county/area a lot, mostly alone, and I know most of these roads near off by heart. I didn't however recognize this one specific road that night. Just a simple turn going onto a dusty path, no signs, just a road. I decided what the hey, why not.

      A simple flicker of red actually caught my eye and that's how I spotted the road. I turn in wanting to explore... Bad decision! As I said, the story goes that once you start on the road, you must go to the end. Within a kilometer, my radio was on the fritz. Mind you, this is a 2016 Tucson, low mileage, good nick with off-roady suburban accessories. So, ICE unit won't pick up my phone on bluetooth, no radio, no static, nothing. Just dark lighted silence. I check my phone as I'm slowly creeping along the dirt road and lo and behold, no signal. How strange...

      This sparked my memory about the tale... "There's no signals on the road at all"... "Oh crap", I think. "I might just be on this road now..." Now, the provisos talked about the road says A, you must be alone, B, you must drive at night and when you find yourself on the road, C, you must finish the trip.

      I didn't want to panic, but OMG I wanted to panic. Ok, so what else did they tell me about the myth? Think, dammit. They told me that the road is a good few kilometers long, winding, with sudden unexpected "events". I would not suggest finding this road on a bike or convertible. It is creepy as hell and chances are it could've ended much worse for me. They told me that you must NOT to leave the vehicle at any point in time and you should not dare drive more than 50kph(30mph). I checked. I'm good.

      No radio signal, no phone signal. Yup, this is definitely happening.

      Buckle up and don't panic. Check and wtf.... How can I not panic??? I calmed myself down.

      I was coming up to 2 kilometers now and it was getting cold. Heater was on 30°C but I was getting a chill. My heart was racing, I could see my breath. What in the name of hoo-haa....

      Fog was descending rapidly. I was scared. Unknown foresty area, foggy, all alone, I prayed to God my friend's car was gonna be a star that night.

      I heard a bump. I promise you, I jumped. What the heck was THAT??? I checked my mirrors and surmised it might have been a branch that I ran over coz I couldn't see squat. Ok, branches on the road, I started leaning forward, peering into the darkness more, looking for hazards. Wow, yup, there were suddenly lots of things on this road. Rocks, branches and stuff and every now and then, some "things" kept on falling on the roof, against the doors and just anywhere it dam well pleased...

      3 kilometers in, I could swear I was seeing people. Or at least I was seeing shadowy forms of people behind the fog covered trees, ALL around me. Dafuq... There was no moonlight anywhere and I'm seeing figures move. I was on edge. 4 to 5 kilometers in and I could swear I hear murmuring of these people. Whispers, mumbles, murmurs... I dared not stop, I was sweating profusely. A cold unwelcome sweat. Heart beating like mad and suddenly....

      ...a clearing... I have no idea where I am. GPS has failed me. The fog seems to be behind the trees, I still dared not stop. No wait, that looks like moonlight. Ah the moon, rejoice! Hang the flip on! Memory jumps back to warnings of the road. DO NOT LOOK AT THE MOON! The myth goes that if you look at the moon in the clearing, the road will end and you'll fall into an ice cold river and drown. Myth or not, I was NOT taking chances... O_O

      The clearing didn't last long. I was soon back on the creepy dirt road, with fog and whispers. What in the heck is going on?!?!? I was shaking like a leaf by now. 6 kilometers in, I was losing hope badly. When is this going to end? I try and look for the moonlight but it's gone. I can't speak, I reach for the radio to switch it off, NADA. Nothing happens. It's frozen. I look at my phone. Dead dark light. Nothing else. I'm panicking. Dead of night, creepy whispers, hairs on the back of my head is standing on end. I want to cry!!!

      7 kilometers in, I try to speed up a little, heeding the warning of not driving too fast. As I do that, I hear the first scream. Or at least that's what it sounded like. A faint scream amongst the whispers. Definitely a scream. No wait. I slow down again. THERE! I heard it again, louder this time. YES, that's a scream! T-T I kid you not, tears were running down my face. "MOMMY!" I thought... I was in near full panic mode. I sped up again.

      I got hold of some of my senses luckily because I realised I was going a bit fast. A sudden sharp turn and I nearly missed it. I was mere inches away from what looked like a bottomless pit. On one side of the road there was a drop. It was so dark, I couldn't see how deep. Other side, trees... Ok, slow down. Calm down...

      8 kilometers in, I'm driving through reeds. I can still hear the whispers... the screams... and I swear every now and then I can hear laughter. Always distant, always there. I seem to be coming to the end of the reeds, going back into the forest. Some courage creeps up inside me. Ok, I can do this.

      All lights suddenly go out. Complete and utter DARKNESS!!! Only for a moment.... and the car jerks alive again. Shit shit shit shit shit... Don't stall! Don't effing stall!!!!! I kind of keep the revs up, trying to not stall. I look around the dash for warning signs. Tank is FULL, no warning signs of any kind, what the heck!!??!?!? PANIC!!!!!

      I look up from the dash and there I see it.....

      The shadows are standing next to the road!!! T-T I go white with fear.... I floor it....

      I glance at my mirrors as I stumble through this forsaken damned forest and I can see the shadows follow me! WHAT???!?!?! Glancing between looking at the road and looking at the mirrors, I swear the shadows are jumping at me and chasing me. Am I hallucinating? Am I going mad? What the heck is going on???

      I can hear my heart thumping in my ears as I try and speed through branches and bush, over rocks and stuff. And I catch myself for a moment again. "Don't Panic" I tell myself. I slow down again.

      I noticed the road became smoother the moment I told myself not to panic. Hmmm... Ok, this is better. I can make it through. Gently does it. Calm down. I start chanting self motivation and calming words in my head.

      Around the bend I go, I checked and I was 10 kilometers in my drive. I look up at the road and again, the car just decides to die. Darkness. Mr SUV decides now is a good time to go blank. I can't see Jack... For that 3 seconds, I don't know what is happening. Car springs back to life and now I suddenly feel the power being sapped. Foot is on floor, I am trying to get out, car wants none of that. It is dying. It lights go darker and darker, car is slowing down.

      I'm egging it on, "come on, move, drive". Mr Hyundai wants none of that.

      I creep to a complete stop. Car lights are all super dim. I can barely see ahead of me. Then I saw a red light. It's coming through the forest, it seems. Still ahead of me, seemingly on the road with me. It is big. I mean, I'm looking at it and it is just growing. I don't know what to do, I just close my eyes. I hear a crunching noise coming closer, I hear the whispers again, I hear the faint screaming and laughter. Maniacal laughter and it is all coming closer.

      I pull my legs up to my chest, I go full fetal position on the drivers seat. Eyes closed, holding onto my ears, trying to brace for what's to come. It lasted probably about 20-30 seconds, louder and closer and then....

      Nothing.... I open my eyes, car is idling, no noise, no red light. Just me in the Tucson on an empty dirt road, in the middle of the night. Phew... I looked around. No shadows. No fog.

      A bit relieved, I continued my journey. Not even a kilometer later, I come to a dead end. I looked around. I'm confused, but like heck am I going back on that road. There's hardly any space to make a U turn. I talk myself into turning around. It took a lot of convincing but I got there. I turn around, after a near perfect 15 point turn with no aids at all and a creepy forest all around me, I turned around.

      I started driving back up the road and the road turns sharply left and down. I follow and I kid you not, I ended up at a T-junction. This road I am on, that I've been on for well over an hour and that has no other road/s attached to it that I could see, suddenly ends abruptly at a T-junction that is connected to a tarred road. I made a U turn at the end of a single lane empty dirt road and the road back has changed. I was heavily confused and turned onto the tar road.

      20 seconds into the drive on the tar road, my phone springs back to life, the radio unit is back on and the GPS shows me where I am. I am literally back at the point I turned into at the beginning. I stop, turn around and drive back to the exit I just came from. This was like a minute after I left it. I could not find that exit. I turned around and drove back home and I never told anyone about my harrowing trip until now. It was a creepy experience to say the least.

      All I can say is that from what I experienced, the road is definitely NOT a myth. Please heed my warning.

      *disclaimer - all pictures are from the internet. I felt the story wouldn't be as monotonous without some visual aid.

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