I found this on the internet...

I stumbled across this horrible McMerc, I'll explain what happened.

So you know the Mercedes McLaren SLR or "McMerc" right? The one in the picture is probably unrecognizable but yes it's a McMerc. It was made by a Swiss designer, Ueli Anliker. He calls it the "SLR 999 Red Gold Dream" and it has WAY too much gold. It has $300,000 worth of gold was mixed in the 25 layers of paint and the other cosmetic mods are bad as well. Just look at that horrific front fender. I might say the interior is the worst. Are you ready? Well here it is.

That interior is revolting and makes my eyes bleed. I'm sorry but this car is horrific mess. It has tons of money worth of gold put to waste. The seller is trying to sell it for $11,000,000 but I don't think anyone in the right mind would even consider spending eleven million on this "riced" supercar. I would rather drive a Prius than this, and if I pick a Prius over a supercar you know something is TERRIBLY wrong with that supercar. I am a bit lost on what to say, but it is horrific.

The back is pretty bad, but not as bad is the front. That rear defuser though, it's disgusting. It honestly looks like what Ronald McDonald would drive if he was like one of those rappers with rainbow or diamond teeth. Anyways sorry you had to see this ruined McMerc. Tell me what you think in the comments although I'm guessing you have similar opinion as me

Thanks for reading!!

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