I got a new phone and I need a new case, should I get this one?

And I'm thinking about getting this one

6w ago

A trillion years ago, back when dinosaurs were running things and Jeremy and James were in their teens, I used to run my own business, a mobile repair and service shop. I changed phones on a weekly basis, mostly because I wanted to test them, and I never, ever, ever dropped one. Not even once. Then I decided I'd had enough and sold my shop and I've dropped and broken nearly every phone I've owned since. I'd never use skins, covers and screen protectors back then because I didn't need to. Now I do. Mostly because my smartphone always tries to commit suicide.

My problem is my Genoa-conditioned* mind always steps in and tells me I shouldn't spend money on things like phone covers. And I don't. And I keep breaking phones. And now I'm thinking I should override my natural inclination towards saving and buy some cool accessories.

Everyone is making these things these days, even car makers and watch manufacturers. Custom watch specialist Undone, for example, partnered up with Simple Union, Hong Kong-based firm specializing in Japanese stencil design, to create a line of accessories. It began with the watch strap that Simple Union manufactured for a bronze watch that Undone released a few months ago and now they're also creating phone covers and earpods cases.

They've called this new idea 'Undone Lab', and they're basically gonna use it to throw ideas against the wall and see what sticks. This new collection with Simple Union is made with some of the materials that these two brands already used to create the strap for the watch, including an ancient type of fabric (150 years old) called Meiji Era Katazome.

The collection includes iPhone and AirPods cases, camera strap, wallets, cardholders and a tote bag. I'm thinking about getting the case it's mighty expensive.

*=stingy, because people from the city of Genoa are considered stereotypically extra careful with their money

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  • Just under £50, utilitarian solution for both bicycle and motorcycle.

      1 month ago
  • As long as it protects my phone well, I don't really care about my case.

      1 month ago
  • Whatever floats your boat and fills the need. Get one to go with your RM! 🤪

    I bought an Otter Box for my 7plus. I no longer use it. I never leave the house with my phone. I leave it at home as I'm only gone for a short period. I leave it in airplane mode until I check it as the signal hurts my head. Case does not impact this. But it does clutter up the screen with aging plastics. I prefer using it straight up. BUT if I am going somewhere out of town or for a long period I will put the case back on. Already have damage to the screen but it's below the viewable area. Ceramic tile was the champ in that battle.

      1 month ago
  • Mous website uk.mous.co/?userRedirect=GB

      1 month ago
  • Get a mous case they look great and they are really thought they dropped them out of a helicopter 100ft up no damage.

      1 month ago