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I Got My NASCAR Cherry Popped!

I went to a NASCAR thing. And I'm going to continue going to NASCAR things.

1y ago

Back in October, I attended my very first NASCAR race. I didn’t really know what to expect, I was soooo excited. We had to park literally half a mile away, on the grass. They made these makeshift parking lines, I thought that was hilarious. First off, there were LOADS of people, and to get us around to the gates, they drove these little raceway golf cart looking things, for which we had to wait in a long ass line. The people were very friendly, from all walks of life. And then there was the tailgating! The tailgating is what I got a kick out of, they were all out there in the parking lot with their grills and booze, of course. Food was EVERYWHERE, because out here in the US, if you buy food at those types of places it’s expensive as hell. I would always buy my snacks first, from a grocery store or Dollar Tree. I ain’t ashamed. Nope. I understand now why they would grill because it’s so expensive. And it’s done at football games too. I had never seen one in the flesh. So when I got out to the track, after what seemed like forever, I was amazed. It was an amazing set up, like this is a track that is part of history. I had great seats also. Man, was I fascinated, because I haven’t seen a NASCAR track live before. Ever.

Row 10, is where I sat, and immediately I was in love. The crowd, the whole aura of it all. I took in the sights, the cars, the pit crew. It was all real. No one told us to get earplugs though. I did not mind at all, that’s for next time. Then the drivers were introduced. And man, when I tell you I was screaming when the drivers started to drive around the track? I was a screaming idiot. I WAS IMMEDIATELY HOOKED. The sound of the engines, the vibration of the seats. Yessss. It is very addicting, I understand what it means to be a gearhead/petrolhead now. I understand you all! A bit of trivia: I know the name Martin Truex Jr, because back in Jersey, in a town called Manahawkin, there is a street named after him. So it felt nice to see a piece of home.

The race began, and I admit the cars were LOUD! But I did not care, and immediately, my sister in law and I began to bicker about which driver would win. I wanted number 11, who was Denny Hamlin, because he was in the lead, and she wanted number 7. Number 7 was not important to me because I wanted 11. And for a while he was kicking ass. She was hell bent on 7 winning the race. So that was a bitching session. Unfortunately, Chase Elliott and Joey Logano had issues with their cars, so that was interesting to watch. We left couple hours later, and number 11 was still in the lead. But unfortunately, we all know he didn’t win. Nor number 7. I had a great time though, it was so exciting to be a part of such a historic American pastime. And I will for damn sure go again next year. Next time around, I hope to see you all there!

Kyle Larson won in the end. Ugh. So a late congratulations to him, because I'm finally getting around to writing this two months later.

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  • Live is definitely the way 😃

      1 year ago
  • Enjoy them all Miss Veoniss!

      1 year ago
  • Sounds like a wonderful experience Miss Veoniss a bucket list thing Taledaga shake and bake !!

      1 year ago
  • Homestead because I go to them every year sad to see that it will no longer be the last race of the year

      1 year ago
  • Glad you had the experience in from a decent seat. At that range you got to experience my favorite part of the race: the sound and vibration and everything that you can actually feel in your chest from the first few laps when the cars go by all bunched up before they start getting strung out. So loud so vibrating so actually physically felt in your chest! Sitting across from the pits is cool too, so you can see all that action. I live in Indy & seen nearly 40 Indy 500s, dozens of Brickyard 400s, the Grand prix's and the bikes here, Raceway Park Summer Nationals drags and about 30 Sprint car tracks scattered around! There is a lots of raising out there to watch if you look for it . Welcome to the fold!

      1 year ago
    • Yes!!! Thank you so much! Those races are exciting too. Then again any race is exciting. I just found out both my sister and brother used to drag race. So once again i am a late bloomer LMAO

        1 year ago
    • Find out if there is night drag races for the big cars in your area. By big cars I mean the funny cars or the AA/Fuel dragsters. Some of the very best Drag Racing to watch! The exhaust Flames alone will blow your mind not to mention the noise...

      Read more
        1 year ago