I got there in a worse car than yours

There are some thrills only an old slow car and a long road ahead can provide

4y ago

Welcome to the Banger Roadtrips. I couldn't come up with a name that would better encompass one of the most underrated thrills in motoring - taking rough cars on long journeys. They tend to slowly unravel like a proper mystery drama. You don't know what exactly lives under the hood, but you are fairly certain you won't have an easy time overtaking lorries on a bumpy Czech motorway. You are not quite sure what happened to the car prior to your ownership, but you are certain that your car's electrical system is a chewing gum insulated patchwork mess. You don't what will fail next and where, but when you find out it's the electrical system in Tirana, Albania and you don't have a fixer or speak the language. You don't have a plan to fix it. Most importantly, you don't have spare parts or tools. You usually whack it with a hammer and it magically comes back alive.

Having done two charity rallies around Europe in a 25 year old Skoda Favorit I have learned that the less you can do with the car the more interesting it gets. Let's share our stories of how our unfit cars made to improbable destinations!

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  • "The beast demands sacrifice."/6th rule of the warrior

      4 years ago
  • We're goin' to Greece in 91' Favorit in Zlombol Rally!

      3 years ago