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I guess we should each start with what we're riding, why, favorite ride.
What you see here is my 06 Stage II Screamin Eagle Sportster that started life out as a normal XL1200C, but now has high-compression heads, short skirt Pistons, bumped cam, Vance & Hines headers, super Fork internals, icon rear shocks & Dunlops. Dino says 99 HP/96T. I love the sound this bike makes from Idle to 6,000 RPM! I'm a big assed 70 year old American with no chicken strips on these tires. I love drag racing but like to carve up a country road too. But my favorite rides are County Roads far from City.

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  • This shows what I mean, but it can be far wider than what it shows on this tire. Primarily depends on the type of bike in the style of riding.

      1 year ago
  • People tease me about Sportsters are chick bikes, but then I say to them "then why is mine so much faster than yours?" lol. Being based in Indianapolis, it has taken me to every state east of the Mississippi except the Gulf Coast and a few west of it, plus Canada. Not bad for a bike people say is no good for long hauls.

      1 year ago
  • About twice a year I get to escape with some family on a nice long ride on a 1200 sportster almost identical to that. Can't tell you how much I look forward to riding that bike. Welcome to DriveTribe Jc!

      1 year ago
  • What are chicken strips?

      1 year ago
    • Chicken strips are those virgin strips of tread on the far outside of the tread pattern on each side of the tire. This means the bike has not been been over far enough in cornering to have scruffed up that last little bit of tread surface.

        1 year ago