I Had To Grow Up and Buy A Minivan

It is time to grow up. So they tell me. Be more sensible and mature. You need to buckle down. Sell your convertible. Drive a more practical vehicle... Like a minivan. There are seats in the back. I guess for collecting children. They say grown ups collect children. The steering wheel is in a different place. I guess grown ups like that. But, I too have to be a grown up. So now I drive a minivan. How fast am I even going? I guess I will learn. Because I am a grown up and I drive a minivan.

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Comments (3)

  • I once had to throw up in a minivan..

      1 year ago
    • Your pic brought back some childhood memories. By brother, cousin, and I were obsessed with Full Throttle in the summer of 95’. Every waking moment was dedicated to that game.

        1 year ago
    • Same here, they did a revamp few years ago in high res, less pixelated, just as much fun...

        1 year ago