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Audi is one of the great German car manufactures. Audi has produced some of the greatest cars ever made and to this today continues to be a leading innovator of fantastic cars, not only are their cars built with excellent quality that will last a lifetime but they continue to develop new and exciting cars as well as new car technology.

Audi have create cars like the R8, Quattro, RS2, RS6, A6 BiTDI and many more.

However there are a few cars that aren’t so great, and the A2 is certainly one of them.

The A2 is the car that was like an anomalous result in a science exam. It stuck out like a sore thumb. At the time there was no A1 so you’d think that the A2 would be the smallest in the range. But the A3 was smaller. It’s all very confusing.

The A2 not only confused customers but the styling, design and other factors did not meet with potential customers. Audi was not only disappointed with sales but reportedly lost over £4,000 per A2 sale and only made money when optional extras were added to the car.

One of the main faults of the A2 was the aluminium chassis, when an A2 is involved in accident it is usually written off due to the fact that welding is often involved and the number of aluminium specialists is extremely low. Part prices are high and even a small bump in an A2 can lead to the car being “Beyond Economic Repair”.

To make matters worse in 2011 Audi unveiled a fully electric version of the A2 at the Frankfurt motor show, but thankfully due to poor sales of other electric cars such as the Nissan Leaf the car was decided to just be a motor show display and not be put into production.

So, I don’t hear you ask. What’s actually so bad about the A2, why do you hate it so much Callum. Well there are many things that I hate about the A2 especially the design. Both the interior and the exterior. Just plain awful

From the outside the car looks like a weird bubble with wheels on. I was never a fan of early 2000's Audi's because they had the most bland and boring interior ever made. It would be more interesting to sit in a Chemistry lecture then drive and Audi A2.

The A2 was meant to be exciting, but ended up boring. It promised Audi's sporting pedigree but was slow and boring. no wonder it flopped in sales and had to be taken off the market by the head of Volkswagen.

I have never in all my years alive seen a car with such a bland, boring, weird and just plain crap design. I cannot put into words the design of the car. Interesting maybe…