For some reason I have Always hated the Ford KA. I don’t no where this irrational hatred started but I have always loathed the KA

Ford’s are all about quality – and the ford Ka isn’t a quality car. When the KA was launched in 1996 is was a new and innovative car that had excellent safety features, and people liked it, so the designers at ford decided that they weren’t going to update it till late 2008. They changed nothing on the KA in 12 years! A lot can change in 12 years and a lot should change in 12 years. In 12 years someone can go from being 18 to 30!

The Gen 1 KA – ugly ugly ugly. The KA was a small ugly car. A neighbour of mine had one. It looked like a ball of metal on wheels. I’m 6ft and I can’t fit in the back of one. In the end I had to lie across the back seats to fit with the headrest of the seats digging into my neck. A few complaints of the KA from people I know include, a dodgy clutch, fuel pump doesn’t work properly in hot weather, uncomfortable and small.

The Gen 1 KA also has a dreadful interior. Whoever though that was a good car interior should be beaten to death with their own dashboard.

The car even today is overpriced, people think that because a KA has low mileage that it’s worth more than it should be. The only time I’ve ever liked the Gen 1 Ford KA when I saw a video of someone smashing it up and rolling it over.


Not even mentioning the utterly appalling Street KA which looked like a serial killer had tried to get to people in a car by cutting the rood off with a Hedge Trimmer and the insurance company had tired to repair to by sticking fabric on top with superglue and gaffer tape

The Gen 2 KA – a friend of mine had one of these and it literally broke down ALL the time, which provided me of hours of entertainment as I got drunk and roasted her and her car until someone wrote it off.

The Gen 2 came out and was just as bad as the Gen 1, but taller. So, people over 5.5 could fit in them, and thankfully there was no Street Ka version to terrify people. when the Gen 2 was brought out it was a disappointment. The Gen 1 KA had been out over 11 years and had reached high sales figures however the Gen 2 didn’t reach up to those levels which was why it was dropped and in 2017 another new KA was brought out to bring havoc and misery on the world.

Due to the big success of the Fiesta which are literally everywhere on the road, Fords design and styling department couldn’t have been less arsed about the KA. They probably through that they were designing another Fiesta because the 2 look almost the same. especially with their big guppy radiator grills that looks like they could eat a whale whole.

You know when someone is badly injured in a car accident and they have to have facial reconstructions surgery, well the new KA looks like a Fiesta has been in a bad accident and has been repaired quickly and cheaply.

It has the same interior as the KA and a lot of the same styling as the Ford KA, which is such a let-down. If you are designing a new car DESIGN, IT for fuck sake, don’t just use old designs that have been left lying around because you want to go on another Cigarette break to pass the time until you can go home.

A KA is not the same as a Fiesta, so I don’t understand why ford have designed them so similar. Whoever though that the new KA is good or anyone who thinks it looks nothing like the Fiesta should lose the privilege of sight.

I apologise to anyone who has a Ford KA or to anyone who likes that KA, but it is a truly dreadful car.

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