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I have been overdue with posting this project.
This started life as a 1988 Pontiac Fiero coupe converted to a gt, that was struck by a semi in the passenger side. The original owner thought the car was toast and gave it to me thinking I would use it for parts. After some research I found that this was a t-top coupe One of a little over 300 ever made from the factory. Total t top numbers were somewhere around 1200 total units. As I found this out I started the frame work. Pulling out the B pillar and then sectioning a new piece of the space frame in from an old parts car. As I started to just piece the car together with some parts laying around the original owner realized it was salvageable and wanted it back. After some heavy negotiation we agreed on a price and a plan. The original deal was just to have a painted car when complete, as time went on while the car was still in my possession the plans seemed to change. He ended up giving me all creative rights to the car other than the color, it had to be laser blue from the lotus. To start off with body modifications I decided to widen the car 4 inches overall. 2 inches over each rear wheel and about an inch and a half over the fronts. This wasn’t so much for a performance standpoint as much as it was for visual que. the original sides to the fiero are very flat very 80’s gm. The hips added some curvature and decided to cut back in at the bottom for a pantera look. The front fenders had vents added for styling.(shame on me for making something non functional) I know I went against my own pet peeve. The front hood has an extractor vent built in. This is to allow the hot air from the radiator out and over the car. And then I created the rear lip spoiler off the decklid and quarters. He started with wheels and spacers just to get by while he found the perfect wheels and I am glad to inform you that there is now a nice set of dished wheels on the back. The owner had completed a vw vr6 turbo engine swap and it’s running well.

I will be posting some more 1 off custom builds in the future.

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