I recently drove a German vehicle and there were many things that I did not like about it. Among these, I can mention the fact that the makers opted for a helm instead of a steering wheel, the uninspired combination of black and brown of the interior or the stiff gearbox.

However, there were aspects of the car which rather I enjoyed, such as the suspensions, which were divine, the comfy seats, which can make you sleep faster than a bottle of whiskey and the vertically moving helm. I also liked the computer and its functions, the room inside the car and the endless hood. But there was another thing that made me giddy while driving the car.

During my drive through the sunny countryside, which came with mixed fillings and many muscles from moving the steering wheel, I wore a pair of sunglasses which the people of www.ochelari.com kindly bestowed upon me.

I found these extremely useful, particularly for seeing through the small windscreen of the car, for navigating through the excellent menu without taking the glasses off and for protecting myself from the reflecting lights of people driving pass me their little cars.

In short, this is how I felt while driving.

In short, this is how I felt while driving.

And also like this.

And also like this.

By the time the sun had began to set, I thought that my day went excellent, but I was wrong. The light of the dusk made me take the sunglasses off and I then remembered that the people behind www.ochelari.com had thoughtfully provided me with another pair of Zeiss driving glasses.

They later explained to me, when I rambled about the fact that, through the sunset and the nighttime, I saw better than Ed Sheeran sees fire, that the transparent lenses were working at getting me more of the J light and protecting me from the headlights of cars and from the horrid color of the light of the poles.

I honestly think that, after this day and after a long lecture about how driving lenses can significantly improve your experience, your safety and your appearance, I have found the secret to getting the best out of driving. Or Steve McQueen might have realized this before I did. Anyway.

I suggest that, if you have got a car you're not quite satisfied with or if you want to look as good as Steve McQueen in the picture above or if you want to avoid dying by being blinded, you visit www.ochelari.com.

And have I mentioned the fact that you can upload a picture of yourself and visualize how the pair that you have chosen will look on you? It's true. Many people ignore the fact that sunglasses should be carefully matched with the shape of your face. Probably the kind of people that enjoy a black and brown interior in a car.

Go to www.ochelari.com now.

Photo Credits : www.iaatb.net and www.pinterest.com.

Bonus: www.optipro.ro/uncategorized/ochelari-de-condus/.


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