I​ have just discovered diecast car racing, and it's very addictive

7w ago


​I was a bit sceptical at first when it appeared in my "recommendations" on Youtube. But since I have nothing but time in this quarantine, I figured I'd give it a go. I started with one of the videos in the "Japanese Car Tournament" and the more I watched, the more I got sucked in!

​Everything was just so beautifully detailed in the landscapes, the grandstands, the buildings, minifigures, etc. The sound effects - of cars accelerating down the track, along with the sounds of dings, dents, skids, and crashes - are top notch. The best I would have to say would be the commentary when all this is going down. Each race has its own set of rules it seems, and the DRC rally series seems to have a checkpoint system. Watching these cars battle their way down the track is basically like how I imagined in my head, how my Hot Wheels raced when I was 10 years old.

​After I finished the "Japanese Car Tournament." I went on to the "Porsche Summer 2019" and "MOPAR Madness Tournament 2018." The amount of spinouts and wrecks I seen and the amount of cautions on the track definitely kept me coming back for more. The Youtube channel that goes by the name of 3Dbotmaker knows how to keep me entertained. I also found out you can be a part of the action by becoming a driver and you can also mail them a die cast car or two of your own if you want to be a part of the fun and I actually might do that. the official rules are seen here at www.3Dbotmaker.com.​ They have other things on their site that include merchandise, if you want an awesome t-shirt. A forum, to talk about anything and everything, die cast racing. And even a shop, if you want to build a killer track setup of your own!

​I'll leave a link down at the bottom so you can get in on the diecast action!


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  • Wait till you see the Ferrari Tournament. FULL OF LAUGHS!

      1 month ago
  • If you like diecast racing, make sure to follow my articles on building two cars for KoTM 3DBotmaker is doing for this season.

      1 month ago