I​ have met the new Z in Yokohama.


3w ago


I​ visited Yokohama, where the headquarter of Nissan is located and saw latest Nissan Z. Here’s my photos from Nissan pavilion in Yokohama. I hope that you will enjoy them.

C​lassis Zs

I​ could see some historic models as well. Here is the photos.

This e​xhibition of Z at Nissan HQ is ended.

This e​xhibition of Z at Nissan HQ is ended.

Y​ou can see new Z at Yokohama till Oct 23rd. If you visit Yokohama, you should go to Nissan Pavilion.

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Comments (2)

  • God literally every time I see it it grows on me. Liking it much quicker than the Supra though lol

      21 days ago
  • Lucky!

      22 days ago


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