I Have No Idea Why People Are Buying The 2017 Nissan Armada Platinum

1y ago


I completely see the appeal of big SUVs. They offer everything a person with a family could ever want with the added benefit of not being a minivan. They are big, bold, brash and offer a commanding road presence. We Americans buy them at such a rate that most auto manufacturers build one just for the North American market.

Nissan has built a reputation for building sensible cars for sensible people. Their sports cars offer plenty of heritage and performance. The GTR is a crushing example of what Nissan can do when they put their mind to something. It is an extraordinary car with extraordinary capabilities. Point of the matter is when Nissan tries the end result is something quite good.

Enter Nissan's entry into the big SUV market. Based off the rather good Titan platform the Armada has everything one would want when creating a big SUV. Plenty of space, presence and a V8 up front. The formula is quite simple and yet Nissan managed to mess it up. The Armada's hideous body is draped in fake plastic chrome. The ride is jarring yet it wallows about. It is uncomfortable and makes you feel like very little actual though went into making it. Yet nearly 30,000 people in North America have walked into a dealership and handed over their hard earned money for their very own Armada. I can not understand why.

I brought my friend Alex along who is something of an SUV fan to make sure I wasn't taking crazy pills.

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