I knew nothing about this car at first, i just wanted to purchase an old honda. It was either going to be an Integra, Civic or Prelude, it was tricky at first to find a Honda of the 80s era that was not neglected or abused because when a car depreciates hard in value all care is lost.

I found this prelude online it was at a dealership that was four hours away from my home, i had no idea if i could even trust this car to take me on my journey home. The Prelude to me was the most appealing compared to the Integra or civic because it sort of looked like something exotic, you see before this car i owned two BMW's, a 1998 BMW 540i E39 and then a 1979 BMW 733i E23. So i had experience with big luxury cars, i was very much aquinted to them so jumping from BMW to Honda was a big step because i did not know what to expect from this car it was all new to me.

I really wanted to find a manual one at first but there was just nothing half decent for sale at the time. So i figured I'd rather buy a well looked after automatic model that i can develop later on, rather than buy an abused manual one, the car had all of it's log books and only had one previous owner which had purchased the car when it was brand new.

This was my first time going to look at a car without my father, you see he is in my eyes a master mechanic he would be able to point out the flaws with the car and giving the final decision on yes or no to purchase this car, i was just good at making cars look very presentable in terms of detail.

So with just my knowledge of what i knew about cars i decided to go ahead and purchase it as i did not want to come home empty handed after a four hour roadtrip. Thankfully the car made it home with no dramas, i was keen to see what my father would think of what i had just purchased weather he would say "you've done well" or "what is this rubbish". Once he had checked over the car he was satisfied that i had bought a solid car that did not need much work.

I am fussy when it comes to a cars presentation and i like it to show, so i was keen to give it a proper detail to see how good i could make it look. The cars paint was in good condition so i just did all i could to make it shinny.

At first the Prelude was my daily ride it drove well and attracted some attention it was like a snake compared to the other cars on the road it was soo much lower and cooler. I soon then realized that i never saw another car like mine drive past me on my daily commute it was like they just did not exist. So i saved up for Antother car to use for a daily and keep the Prelude safe in the garage under a protective car cover.

The car has undergone alot of internal changes since i purchased it in 2017 it was slowly being developed into the car i wanted it to be. You see i am not fussy when it comes
to the cars drivline because that can always be changed out, so i did not mind that the car was automatic for some time because one day it was going to be converted to a manual.

I don't really like driving this car in the day when there are other around so i like to drive the car at night when there is much less traffic, I'd go to my favourite winding road that is not too far from home and just drive not looking at the speedometer only seeing what my headlights let me see which is the road ahead, i really enjoy driving into the darkness of the night it feels like i have escaped reality for a short while and nothing else matters no distractions just the dark road ahead at this point i am intune with my car and my surroundings i just enjoy the road to myself no one bothering me no one around i feel at ease i feel safe in my own world, that is how i feel self satisfaction with my car, going to car meets and listening to other individuals imputs is great and all but at the end of the day it's your car and only what you think of it is what's most important, my car is my happy place and i wouldn't have it any other way.

This car just feels soo right to be in i love it's low slung driving position and it's awesome panoramic visibility it feels correct. I have driven more modern cars but they don't have the same presence when you get into them, i don't know what it is with me but i just adore cars from the 80s and 90s i get into them and it's where i want to be it feels like home it feels welcoming especially in the prelude it gives off that same flare like the Honda NSX just in it's styling.

This car is not normal when it comes to spirited driving once you mess around with the suspension, tyres and fine tune the car it will take corners at crazy speed thanks to it's four wheel steering it can maneuver like no other car. The B20A6 motor is not powerful only producing 106kw it does not accelerate fast but once you pick up momentum in 3rd 4th and 5th gear it really shows it's true sports car potential.

I genuinely adore this car it looks good and drives awesome i believe i will be hard pressed to find another car that drives the way it does even if that other car has alot more power my 1991 Honda Prelude cita is truly a spirited drivers car.