I like cars!

      I read yesterday that the young poeple of today does not have big interest for cars!

      For as long as I can remember cars has always been something that interested me. If it was sitting on the ground next to my grandfather when he changed the tiers on his VOLVO or listening to my mother talk about a cars that she wants to buy.
      There has always been a big car influence in my life. Watching rally live, motoring shows on tv, car shows and going to a lot of flea markets for cars and car parts.

      To begin with I was a bit shy to admit that I liked cars, I was a teenage girl and cars was not really something that girls talked about. But at now at 20 I decided that it's not bad to like cars and there are a lot of other people my age that like cars to.

      Having a life goal that includes owning nice cars is not common of teenagers anymore, I would be happy having a flat instead of a house just to be abel to own a nicer car then the average VOLVO or Golf. And I can say that I like cars even if I don't know how the mechanics work or know what everything about the engine in my favorite car. I do not even own a car today, but being a student in London makes it hard to own a car, and it's also super expensive to drive in London. And I know there must be hundreds of students that think like me, You want a car but you can't have one right now.

      I don't know if anyone have joined my tribe or will join it, but thanks for reading I'm trying to get better at writing and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. And I do hope that there are other young people out there with a passion for cars.

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