I like the new Subaru WRX

Its not perfect but definitely not deserving of all the hate

11w ago

Whenever a new car comes out, me and all the other keyboard warriors that I share the internet with tend to have our own view on it. This view is called an opinion and sometimes it can be very similar to the opinions made by others or it can be an opinion that very few people share, which puts me in the minority. Take the Tesla Model S Plaid for example, actually... don't because Tesla cars are very divisive among the internet. Lets use the car in the title, the 2022 Subaru WRX as an example, now judging from most of the comments from Youtube videos on this car one does not need to be Einstein to work out that the new Subaru WRX is not really liked among car people. Actually the internet tends to hate all new cars so I am not sure how relevant the point above is.

Now saying I actually find the new WRX to be quite ok would automatically put me in the minority and would normally result in me being subjected to all forms of "You must really like a Crosstrek/XV sedan/saloon" comments as this is the internet and the only way is to either universally love or hate a new car. So before you type out why I am wrong, please at least read through my opinions on the car before you type out that inevitable snarky comment, or don't because I don't really get to dictate what you do.

It looks a Crosstrek/Civic

Styling is always subjective and people will always have a different opinion on how a car looks, but for this new WRX the internet is in agreement that the new WRX looks either like a XV (AKA the Crosstrek I am alternating between the 2) or a Honda Civic.

Having seen all 3 cars above you can form your own opinion on whether the new WRX looks like the freaky lovechild of the Civic and the XV or looks like just one of them but personally I just do not see the resemblance. As for my personal opinion on the car's styling, while I do not think it looks as good as the last generation I don't think its so ugly or bland to the point that it looks like a blend of a Civic and a XV. Another thing running in the WRX's favor is the fact that not a lot of people have seen one in person and seeing one in person will change opinions (The amount varies) as with all new cars.

This is a very good example of opinions changing after deliveries start

This is a very good example of opinions changing after deliveries start

Just 3 F#$%ING horsepower more?

This comment is not as prominent but you do see it and to be fair I can see where they come from as the jump in horsepower between something like the Ferrari 488 and F8 Tributo or the F80 M3 and G80 M3 is what you come to expect from a new generation of car. However whenever Subaru or Toyota updates a car they give it a MASSIVE 5hp.... 5... horse... power more. If you want examples just look at the Lexus IS350 and the updated gen 1 BRZ/86.

But the issue seems to be the fact that for this new generation of WRX Subaru gave it whopping 3 more horsepower from it's new FA24 boxer. This new horsepower gain (or lack of) seems to have given everyone the impression that the new WRX will be beaten in a straight line by a V6 Toyota Camry XSE (Need someone to test it first).

While I do agree that they could have given the new WRX more than 3 extra horsepower the new WRX will most likely feel faster as the problematic "rev hang" has been solved as seen in all the new reviews of the GR86/BRZ so the comments on the engine will have to wait until the first drives of the new WRX come out.

"RIP Subaru WRX", "What a disappointment"

This and the styling comments make up 95% of the opinions on the new WRX but it isn't really fair on the car as the way the car looks does not really dictate how good of a performance car it may or may not be. As an example look at the current G80 BMW M3.

This was a car that everyone (myself included) hated at first because of how it looked but now that reviews of the M3 have came out and cars have been delivered to customers, opinions on this car have changed because people have come to realize that this is still an M3 which means that it is still a brilliant car even if the beaver teeth ruins the styling (Just don't look at the front or change the front with Prior Design).

This same incident will most likely apply to the new WRX as Subaru has given the new car a better chassis, better steering and better suspension. Just because Subaru did not do a brilliant job on the styling does not mean that it will drive like crap, in fact it will probably drive better than any WRX before it and be a very decent track car compared to the MK8 Golf GTI and Hyundai i30N/Veloster N

Did Subaru pay you to write this? F@#$ing sponsored F#$%

Now I know that all the points I have written so far will make me seem like a Subaru salesperson but I can assure you that I do not think that the new WRX is perfect in anyway at all. In fact one of my biggest issues with the new WRX is an issue the internet seems to think as well. That issue is the way Subaru planned out the trims.

I am not referring to the materials, quality or layout but just the trims, specifically the US only "GT" trim. This trim is the one that Subaru will be showing the most as it comes with Recaro seats wrapped in Ultrasuede and GT-specific 18-inch wheels finished in matte gray. It also features a new Drive Mode Selector which allows you to configure steering feel, throttle response, and transmission settings according to your preference. Additionally, it also comes with electronically controlled dampers which combined with the aforementioned setup provides 430 different configurations (Yes I copied this from autoguide.com). Those new to the WRX might ask what is wrong? The problem is the GT trim only comes with the CVT which Subaru is trying so hard not to call a CVT but some weird marketing gimmick to try to remove the bad taste a CVT will leave in the mouth instead of offering it with the manual as well.

This is not cool as the US has shown they are willing to buy relatively pricy manual performance cars (VW Golf R and Porsche 911 GT3) so why has Subaru, a company that has made so much money selling cars in the US, decided not to put a manual in the top trim WRX when there is data to show that there are buyers willing to buy them? Aside from the trim I do not really have too many problems with the car apart from the styling and slight power shortage which I have no doubt tuners will inevitably solve with large amounts of aftermarket parts it will get because its a WRX.

Still hate it and think Subaru ruined it

That's fine because I wrote this as it has been a while since I wrote anything here and just so happened to find something to write about. So what do you think? Do you still hate it? Do you think I am right or a complete idiot? The comments exist so let me know there just try to be civil about it.

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  • I rather like it too but I hate the black fender flares that looks shtupid

      2 months ago
    • I agree the black fenders dont suit the wrx

        2 months ago
    • Yeah they suit the Crossteck much better which btw is the only crossover I like

        2 months ago