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motoring pleasure can be found in many different ways

4y ago

One of the parts to my job that I find most rewarding and enjoy the most is unearthing and finding rare and wonderful machinery, often its the latest and most desirable supercars and the like. But after over 22 years in the job I have gained a reputation as " Oddball Martin " due to my love of all things different I find other people coming to me when they dont know where to go or how to value something out of the ordinary.

For example over the past week I have begun negotiations on a 1978 Mercedes sl350 done 28000 miles from new. A local Honda site has come to me with a 1960s Austin Gypsy and then i have had this come in and also sell very quickly

a 1983 mk2 Ford Transit 2.0 pinto twin wheeler that has had 1 owner from new and has never been used covered only 143 miles and in totally original condition. I spoke to the supplying dealer and even the one registered keeper and took satisfaction from researching its history.

Although its not my vehicle of choice i find huge enjoyment and satisfaction from owning and dealing in such one off vehicles.

Motoring pleasure can take many forms. We often all discuss the feel of drive or appeal of looks of iconic poster and dream cars but I find pleasure in the obscure unrepeatable and different. Its not vital that something has to have the greatest 0 to 60 time or how it drives to enjoy a vehicle . We can find pleasure in motor vehicles in lots of different ways , sometimes just by coming into contact with them

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