- this render is by @Lukas Shepherd, not me, but it is what......inspired.....me to make a mid engine shooting brake.

I made a mid engine estate....

either you die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain...

1w ago

Lukas Shepherd is probably the best renderer on DriveTribe, and as you can see in his amazing creation above, his favorite thing is taking a mid engine supercar, and making it a shooting brake. For a while I hated these creations, because i thought there was no point in making a mid engine shooting brake, cuz at that point, it ain't a shooting brake, right? but now i have joind the dark side.... I made a mid engine Lada estate.........

Here it is

mid engine, V8 lada

mid engine, V8 lada

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    • 11 days ago
  • Perfection

      11 days ago
  • I want it, I think you should have done a Niva though (even though it isn't an estate)

      11 days ago