I made the Season 4 Formula E grid out of Lego bricks!

      A new Formula E season starts this weekend in Hong Kong, so I thought I'd build the 10 teams' cars in Lego bricks!

      2y ago


      Having done a lot of F1 cars lately, I thought it was about time I switched gears a bit. And amazingly, this weekend marks the start of the fourth season of Formula E racing!

      These cars were quite fun to make, because while broadly speaking they resemble traditional single-seaters, they're full of little details that set them apart, like the double front wing, or the four structural bars that run across the nose just in front of the cockpit.

      Techeetah, Jaguar, Mahindra, and MS&AD Andretti

      Techeetah, Jaguar, Mahindra, and MS&AD Andretti

      Building the adequate liveries in time was a bit more tricky, as some teams didn't announce changes in colors before this week. You also have the fact that some of them use very similar color schemes (looking at you, NIO and MS&AD), all using pretty weird colors and and small details, which made my job that much harder. There's only so much you can do with the Lego color palette!

      Renault e.dams, Audi Abt and DS-Virgin

      Renault e.dams, Audi Abt and DS-Virgin

      But hopefully you can make out which team is which easily enough!

      Dragon Racing, NIO and Venturi

      Dragon Racing, NIO and Venturi

      I'll post instructions and the parts list for a sort of a standard livery some time next week, but if you want one particular team to be available, just comment below and I'll make it happen.

      See you then, and enjoy this weekend of electric racing!

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      • loving the Audi livery!

        Can u please post the instruction and the part list?

          2 years ago


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