I Make A Roll Bar Structure For The Dune Buggy

Should be a solid ride.

21w ago


I have been braving the cold shed most of the winter to make some real progress on the buggy. As we are hitting the tail end of winter in the American Midwest, my thoughts are on warmer weather. What better way to feel the glow of summer than by working on a beach buggy.

A lot of progress has been made. The main goal to date was to get a solid support structure built and tacked into place. A solid platform will give me strong mounting points for items such as the windshield, the steering column, and some seat belts or harnesses.

I use some left over 1.5" tubing that I messed up while trying to build a roll bar for my Beetle. What was too narrow for my Beetle just happened to be the right width for under the hood of the buggy.

Once all of that was made and the steering mocked up, I turned my attention to strengthening the windshield frame that I made shortly after obtaining the buggy body. Here is a link to how I made the windshield frame.


The windshield needs to be string enough to hold some soft, lightweight doors to help weather proof the buggy and to prevent any knuckle head passengers from damaging it while trying to get out of the buggy.

Once the windshield frame is beefed up and mounted in place, I can use it's position to map out and make the main roll hoop.

I am building the roll hoop close to SCCA Solo specs in case I get the wild idea to show up at an event with this jalopy. I also added in some side impact protection. These bars will also tie in the front underhood structure the main hoop.

Once I finished all of that, the sun came out and melted all the snow. It seemed like a good sign. So we wheeled the buggy outside to take in all the work that was completed over the winter.

You can see all of that and more in the video below. Be sure to like and subscribe and as always,

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  • Thanks! My compatriots have set a lofty goal of being drivable by summer. I am not so sure I can make that. But I am definitely working hard for it.

      4 months ago
  • Great project, look forward to seeing it develop!

      4 months ago
  • All the best though

      4 months ago