I met Jezza!

A short trip up to Diddly Squat farm shop turned out to be the best day ever!

40w ago

Last Saturday evening my partner and I were watching the Grand Tour special "The Beach (Buggy) Boys" and drinking a nice cup of elderflower fruit tea after a busy day of 'socialising' with people, and wondering what we should do next Saturday.

Suddenly, I remembered that I had seen a show-around of Mr Clarkson's new farm shop, Diddly Squat, on YouTube earlier that week. I turned to the Mrs and said, "why don't we take a little drive up to the Cotswolds to visit Diddly Squat?" Unsurprisingly she agreed that this would be a great idea.

Skip to the Saturday just gone, we were up at 7AM getting ready to pile into the Tesla for 8 so that we could make good time to the farm shop with a supercharge along the way.

2 and a half hours later we were almost at Diddly Squat when the Mrs asked me "Wouldn't it be cool if he was actually there?" I swiftly agreed adding that it would probably be the highlight of my life so far!

Well, lo and behold we pulled into the farm shop and there, in front of a white chiller van was Mr Jeremy Clarkson, surrounded by a dozen members of his film crew, talking about his fresh lamb which he had reared himself and was now selling at the shop.

I almost squealed with joy as I parked up the other side of the car park so as to not get in the way of any of the shots.

We jumped out of the car and slowly headed over to the farm shop where we stood for a minute in awe of the television legend that stood 15 feet away from us. After a couple of pictures from behind the film crew, we headed into the shop where we picked up some 'Cow Juice' (milk), 'Bee Juice' (honey) sausages, goats cheese and a diddly squat tote bag and tea towel. When we went to pay we were also offered one of their home made sausage rolls, which I snapped up in an instant.

When we walked out of the shop we could see that Jezza had just finished a shot and was mingling with his film crew and a couple of other visitors. It was at this point that I sheepishly wandered up to him and introduced myself.

Stuttering even more than usual, I told him that I really loved his work on the Grand Tour and Top Gear and that I was a huge fan of the way he takes the piss out of James May.

We then had a lovely chat about some of the cars he'd driven (Obviously), chickens and the sausage roll that my partner was holding for me.

I then asked him if he wouldn't mind signing the tea towel and tote bag that I had just bought, and also taking a picture with me in front of "The Excellent" which his partner Lisa had just arrived in. He graciously agreed to both, hilariously remarking "aannnd now it's ruined" as the sharpie hit the tote bag.

After we took the picture I asked him about which car he would recommend I drive the North Coast 500 in, to which he replied "Well I've actually just been chatting with these guys who just completed it in a Mustang, which would be a great choice". He then introduced us to talk before he went to chat with some of the other fans that had pulled up.

Needless to say that I was over the moon at having had the chance to talk to him face to face and I was riding that high all weekend!

Despite what some of my friends thought when I told them, Jeremy is a really down to earth, chilled out guy who was an absolute pleasure to talk to.

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  • Lucky!

      9 months ago
  • I bet that was fun conversation. Did you guys get drunk? Hit the pub ?

      9 months ago