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I missed World Land Rover Day.....


I have recently been living under a rock. As such this has meant that on the 30th of April I missed what is definetively the most important day of the year.

World Land Rover Day.

Mm hmm, that's a thing. April 30th marks the historic day in 1948 when Britain offered the first EVER Land Rover vehicle to the world, the beginning of what (arguably, and believe me it is argued) would become the new face of the global 'off roader' or '4x4' or whatever you might label it. A car for the dirt essentially.

Now this year is the occasion has seen a brief but wonderful little montage released by Land Rover themslelves, revisiting their inspiring heritage in a series of images and videos. And what a good thing to do, after all the brand itself is physically built on heritage and nostalgia.

Typically... I missed it. But here's the vid for those of you who also posess the trait of presenting all the punctuality of the Irish Transport System (which for context is not at all punctual, ever).


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