I​ need you to help me spec my new car

I​'m getting the new Morgan Plus Six, and you guys need to help me make a very important decision

50w ago


I’ve decided to buy a new Morgan. Why? Because the Plus Six really is new: an all new bonded aluminium chassis and the same turbocharged engine as the new Supra means 0-60 in 4 secs. And it’s still crafted by hand.

L​uckily, not by my hands.

L​uckily, not by my hands.

But I can’t decide what colour to make the interior. And for some reason I’ve volunteered to leave the decision to you...


I’ve narrowed it down to two options – red or blue. Now, this is where you guys come in. Please cast your vote in the poll below and you will literally be shaping the future look of my next car. Good luck, and please, choose wisely: I’ll be paying for it and driving it.

M​y car will be in the final stage of production on Tuesday morning so voting will close on Monday night – make sure to get your votes in before then.

Voting has now closed! Here are the results:

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Comments (945)

  • what about a darker red? make it all classy and such... Well I mean you aren't Captain Slow but still anyone can apreciate a dark red :)

      11 months ago
  • Is this a reflection of the forthcoming election?

      11 months ago
  • Blue with diamond quilting would be best.

      11 months ago
    • Blue with daimond qyilt and white stitching would look epic.

        11 months ago
    • "Blue with diamond quilting" is akin to giving Caravaggio a can of spray paint and a look of reproach at his inevitable indignation.

      It's a Morgan, and Richard Hammond, not an episode of Pimp your Skateboard.

        11 months ago
  • Thank you for your votes so far. It’s clearly going in one direction right now, which has helped make up my mind. I promise to abide by your decision.

      11 months ago
    • So wonderful to read your answer! Thank you very much. Wish you a very good luck in choice. So interesting to wait your next video or photo of the results. @Richard Hammond What color did you expect to win?:)

        11 months ago
    • Hi Richard, just make sure you go with what your heart says as you are the one who will live with it! My father and I really enjoyed this video especially because he is considering getting a Morgan 4/4 or Plus 4 of his own! He really likes things...

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        11 months ago
  • The best color would be caramel orange. This is the color of the Grand Tour, the color of energy, youth, travel, success ... And it is not so contrasting, harmonious and bright.

    But if you do not leave such a choice, then I like blue. Because red is for James May standards. A blue car will definitely attract him endlessly, but he will not be able to borrow it from you, because it is not a standard blue for Morgan! Brilliant. He will say you only good not so standard things about your car... Interesting to see it. I think he wanted to buy your jaguar one day only because of the blue color ...

    Brown is also good for Morgan

      11 months ago


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