It is the most boring car a person can drive and wich I can think off

As you can probably tell by reading the title, I have a problem and need your help. No, I am not talking about my compulsive buying behavior. I'm talking about something way more serious-my company car. I was recently given a choice, I need to pick my new company car. You may think that it is not a big deal, but it is, I spend 60% of my job in my car driving to the location. Now, the cars I was offered are very, very interesting. I will give you a brief description. They are all sedans, all are black or silver, all have between 190 and 240 horsepower, all are automatic, have heathed seats and cost between 36,000 and 46,000 pounds and are a diesel. Except one that is petrol. They are: VW passat, Skoda superb, Renault talisman, Mazda 6, Ford mondeo and volvo s60. They all sound boring, and quite frankly they are.

Now, I've already narrowed down the choice on only the skoda, renault, mazda and volvo. You wonder why? No? Neither do I, but I'm going to tell you anyways. Over the years, I've developed a hate for the vw passat. It is the most boring car a person can drive and I can think of wich really grinds my gear. I have decided that I will not take the ford for the same reason, it is plain boring, sedate and boring. But, let's see what cars I am considering.

1. Volvo s60

The most premium and expensive car on the list, I am offered a t5 petrol with awd 250 horsepower wich can send this executive sedan from 0-60 in 6.1 secods. I now feel like a car journalist. It is in R-Desing trim wich means it gets things like digital driver's display, electric seats and leather wrapped key. Fancy

2. Skoda superb

Brand new skoda superb. It's like a octavia, only in a dress suit and some sleek ray-bans. In laurin & clement trim spec it is quite a nice equipped car with cooled and massaged seats and digital driver's display. It's also a diesel. Like every superb sold, ever. It is also really boring with 190 horsepower and an automatic transmission. It is for someone who want's an audi a4 but can't quite yet afford it. Although, in this trim it is actually more expensive than a4.

3. Renault talisman

it's like going to a McDonald's and eating a stake and some red wine instead of a BigMac like everyone else does

Renault talisma, it is like going to a McDonald's and eating a stake and some red wine instead of BigMac like everyone else does. Just like the superb, it is really nicely dressed megane. But in this case, really, really nicely dressed. Lot's of people say that the mazda 6 is beautiful, but I actually prefer this over the mazda. It just looks so nice. Although, that is the only staggering thing about it. It is as boring as every other renault you see on the road going 15 mp/h and doing 55 miles per gallon

4. Mazda 6

I can't really say a lot about this thing. We all know that it looks really nice, and that is is average to drive, practical and good value for money. It is like being boring like everyone else but having a good taste in clothes. And that's about it. It is a family saloon, nothing much you can say about it. My wife want's me to get it beacuse she really likes the red colourm but you just can't have a company car in red. It is like naming your child after your favourite cleaning product, or toothpste.

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