- A​n antique from a better time when Mail Time still existed

I​ Never Got To Send My Offering To James May's Mail Time

B​ut I am still seeing my offering of mail in my rearview mirror...

Max Ruse posted in USA News
2w ago

I​ think it is a fair guess that most of us here have seen James May's Mail Time videos on the DriveTribe YouTube page. You remember, those videos where when you're watching them, someone walks in the room and asks you what you're watching? Maybe I'm alone, but I have had some fascinating conversations explaining to my wife what in the heck I am doing with my time. "Oh, watching a man in England open some mail he has received from random people around the world." At least that is how the Mail Time saga began in my household, but it quickly progressed. By the end of this wonderful chapter of YouTube entertainment, it was commonplace for my wife and I to be lying in bed at night together watching Mail Time without an ounce of judgement present. If you can keep a secret, I'll even admit that more people in my household have been caught humming "Deer in the Rearview Mirror" under their breath, despite never seeing the video. And now I am singing it again, also...

F​or the uninitiated, one might look upon the Mail Time series as a fairly silly idea. Admittedly on the surface, one man opening mail for twenty or so minutes in front of a camera is something for those of us entertained by the mundane and who realize the uniqueness of our hobbies (or lack thereof). It is upon closer inspection, however, that Mail Time really was an incredible series. Namely, it provided an outlet for people all over the world to showcase their arts, their crafts, and their offerings to the broader world (of DriveTribe YouTube viewers at least). From quilts to stackable trays, beer to books about deer, and Woolworth's rejection letters to toy cars, Mail Time quite literally unsealed the envelope as to the uniqueness of us all and what we have to offer.

So let us remember Mail Time as one moment in history of the eccentricities of us all, our uniqueness in what we bring to this world, and our common joy of watching mail being opened by one man. And for those who think this is getting far too nostalgic for a small multi part YouTube mail opening series, my offering was an ejector seat cigarette lighter which I felt could spice up the interior of James May's Toyota Mirai. There, you now know what was in the envelope- you can get on with your life.

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