I present to you...a plug-in electric MGB

The classic British car has been upgraded with a PHEV powertrain, and it costs £90,000.

If you like to fantasise about Britain in the 1960s like Jezza Clarkson and also enjoy voting for the Green Party - although I don't understand why you would do that - then the new MGB EV is the car for you!

This magnificence was developed by a British company called RBW, which electrifies classic British cars; they have done so previously with the E-Type and they are planning to do the same thing with the vintage Mini.

On the performance side, it's pretty laid back, as its engine produces a mere 94bhp and it can do 0-60 in a magnificently slow nine seconds. On the more bright side though, it's got a range of 160 miles, meaning that it can almost carry you into Manchester.

So, what do you ladies and gentlemen think? Is it worth it?

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Comments (4)

  • Why ruin a perfectly good classic?

      4 months ago
  • I quite like it but as a lover of the MGB I would prefer an old one that’s hasn’t been touched

      4 months ago
  • If it had a little more performance, I’d say it’s cool, but at the minute it’s an expensive conversion for no more speed, lack of sound of gears, and less range

      4 months ago

      4 months ago